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Is rail too costly?

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High Five
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This just in from the Cascade Policy Institute: President Obama's plans for high-speed rail will cost $1,000 per taxpayer. Are there other drawbacks?

The federal government is proposing to build true high-speed rail lines, with trains going faster than 120 miles per hour, only in California and Florida. In Oregon it is merely proposing to upgrade existing freight tracks to boost top Amtrak speeds from 79 to 110 mph.

Trains with a top speed of 110 mph will have average speeds of just 55 to 75 mph. Not only will that attract few people out of their cars, but such trains actually will be less energy efficient and more polluting than driving.

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Aaron Douglas
0 #1 Cascade Policy Institute: they don't believe climate change is real, either.Aaron Douglas 2009-06-30 16:22:50
I would expect this from a group that doesn't believe in climate change and has a video making fun of cap and trade on their website. That alone is enough to prove that I can't believe anything else they might say.

"The Cascade Policy Institute (CPI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic opportunity." They've received donations from groups like the Cato Institute, a well-known neoliberal think tank that continues to say global climate change isn't real. The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice also supports the organization, helping CPI to hand out (and publicize) school vouchers in Oregon. The rest of the institute's operating budget comes from unnamed sources: private individuals and corporations." (Source: Global Ideologies in Education, http://www.ourglobaleducation.com/2009/05/cascade-policy-institute.html Web. June 30, 2009)
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0 #2 Climate Change May Be Real....Skeptic 2009-07-01 16:29:36
but that is because the climate is always changing. What has yet to be proven is whether or not man made carbon has any impact on that change. Notice the buzz word is no longer global warming, but is "climate change?" That is because the earth is trending cooler and doesn't fit the global warming theory. So now it is climate change so the political motivations behind cap and trade can continue.
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