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House approves carbon cuts

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Oregon House followed the Senate in approving a bill that would require fuel companies to reduce their products' carbon content.

The "low carbon fuel standard" is designed to reduce the state's dependence on foreign oil, cut greenhouse gas emissions and encourage development of alternatives to petroleum-based fuels, including electric cars and locally grown biofuels.

California adopted a similar standard earlier this year. Washington may follow.

The Oregon House approved the bill 35-25 on Thursday after the Senate passed it on a 16-14 vote Wednesday evening.

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0 #1 Good GriefJohn 2009-06-26 12:59:13
Low Carbon fuel Standard equals higher costs for consumers. When CA forced an additive in their gasoline about 15 yers ago it was supposed to help the environment, improve milage, get rid of ED in males and make your dog like you more. The addition of hte additive was opposed by people who had an interest in "facts" not "hype." Upshot? It required the consumer to buy more fuel because it didn't burn as well as untreated gasoline, it destroyed the rubber in the gaskets and hoses it came in contact, it polluted the lakes so much that fish were dying by the thousands, and the gas prices soared.
When will our lawmakers get their heads put on straight and start working for those that put them in office, instead of fattening the pockets of special interest groups and individuals. Good Grief!
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