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The Adams investigation

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High Five
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Monday the attorney general gave his conclusions about Portland mayor Sam Adams. The Willamette Week's own investigation turned up 14 interesting things about what the AG found.

During the past 36 hours, WW has digested the report, spoken to lawyers across the state and sorted through the several hundred pages of investigative documents released by the Department of Justice....

Whether the cumulative weight of the details will convince an objective reader that Kroger came to the right conclusion is unclear. But it is mesmerizing stuff. Here then, are the 14 most interesting things about the Kroger probe.

Read the full article at Wweek.com.



thinking forward
0 #1 Breedlove & Adams "Sick & Sicker"thinking forward 2009-06-24 14:04:41
No one could believe we are discussing this disgusting stuff in the public eye.
Adams is a deep wound in the heart of Portland.
It is time for a change with hope not a Dope!!
"RECALL, RECALL, RECALL" We the People will not take it anymore!!!!
Stand up Mr. Adams and resign!!!!!
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d ledgerwood
0 #2 enough, pleased ledgerwood 2009-06-24 17:08:12
There is a definite creepy factor to the whole thing. Yick, who wants all the details aired endlessly in the paper, television and radio of a courtship/beddi ng and breakup of any couple? Just the juvenile kids in the locker room.
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PDX Neal
0 #3 Is this what you really want?PDX Neal 2009-06-25 13:55:53
Think about it this way. Portland is in a huge recession with one of the highest unemployment levels in the nation. You have budget deficits. You need infrastructure improvments. And you need to provide services to your community.

You'll cheer when you recall Sam Adams and you'll get your revenge. And you'll waste a lot of money getting there.

Republicans and Democrats will donate tons of money for lawyers, campaign slogans, and campaigners. They'll buy print ads, TV ads, and yard signs not to mention buttons, bumperstickers, and flyers. People who are already struggling will find $50 or $100 to contribute to their candidate's campaign and collectively your community will spend millions of dollars duking it out.

Meanwhile, your homeless will go hungry. Your non-profits will fail. Your children will go without healthcare. Your mentally ill will struggle to find services. Your families will struggle to stay together and make ends meet. Your foster care population will rise.

Your revenge will facilitate suffering in your community.

Please ask yourself- is it worth it? Is that what you really want?
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