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Sam's soccer support

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Portland mayor Sam Adams has announced that plans for a Major League Soccer stadium will continue even though the city has yet to find a home for the Beavers baseball team.

The city still wants to reach a deal on a new baseball stadium for Lents, but if it doesn't work out, the Portland Beavers almost certainly will have to leave town, Mayor Sam Adams said Thursday.

The minor league team's fate isn't clear now that the city has given up the only leverage it had to keep the Beavers in Portland.

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Rev Gerald Oliver
0 #1 Leave town?Rev Gerald Oliver 2009-06-19 16:47:34
If the Beavers leave town, can they move to the Salem/Keizer Volcano stadium? the towns did a wonderful job building the stadium and it is logically situated; why can't Portland pick an area like Delta Park to build the stadium rather than Lents?
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Robin Krummel
0 #2 Why move the Beavers?Robin Krummel 2009-06-20 09:53:35
PGE Park is perfect for baseball, that is what it was built for. Why would we spend additional$$ building a new park for the Beavers and then spend a ton of $$ to remodel PGE Park, so it accomidates Soccer. Leave the Beavers whee they are and build a new facility for Soccer. You wont need a lot of stands, no one goes.
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0 #3 PGE ParkAndy 2009-06-22 12:21:05
Didn't we already fall prey to this scheme under the Glickmans & Vera Katz's watch when we rebuilt PGE Park a few years ago at the Tax Payers expense for his Field of Dreams?
I'm in agreement if they want a new field for MLS then they should build a new field at Delta Park, or somewhere else where we already have soccer fields, for the new soccer team, seems like all you would need to do is build a fence so you can't watch for free & add a bunch of bleachers, something portable so when the franchise goes bust in a couple years we can move them around to various fields for the amateur teams so it isn't a total waste of tax payers money!How about tying up with University of Portland & their field & share all the money they will be making?????
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Makes Sense
0 #4 Beavers to Hillsboro StadiumMakes Sense 2009-06-22 12:56:12
Instead of spending $30-$40M on a new baseball stadium for 3,000 or so fans, use the existing Hillsboro stadium off of Hwy 26.
Call the team the Portland Metro Area Beavers.
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