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Portland building layoffs

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The credit market and housing downturn has caught up with Portland's Bureau of Development Services as it announces it will lay off 90 workers this year.

The bureau is operating on a $900,000-per-month deficit. Since August, it has drained a $13 million reserve down to $4 million, said Commissioner Randy Leonard, who oversees the bureau.

On July 31, the city will let go 45 people, from managers to administrative staff to building inspectors. Another 45 will get pink slips on Aug. 31. If things don't pick up, the city could lay off another 45 by Dec. 31, Leonard said in an e-mail message Tuesday to employees.

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thinking forward
0 #1 building bureau starts landslide!!thinking forward 2009-06-17 14:02:33
Now we see real progress. We have not built anything in months and they are just now cutting employment.
This is a start!! Lets see who else in on the list for " The City That Sleeps".
Us taxpayers are asking for accountability.
"Does anyone care?"
My guess is all are sleeping.
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