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A clear-cut decision

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday marked a decision by the Oregon Board of Forestry to permit more logging in the Tillamook and Clatsop forests. The plan to step up clearcutting by 20% will reduce the area of old-growth forest in the region, but it brought support from foresters and protests from conservationists.

The decision affects roughly a half-million acres of state-managed mountainous terrain between Portland and the coast.

The Oregon Board of Forestry's 4-2 vote followed hours of testimony from fishermen and foresters and triggered protests from conservationists concerned with imperiled species that rely on the forest. Significantly, the board's action throws in the towel on a much-maligned 2001 strategy to balance economic, social and environmental interests in the forests.

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Martin T. Wozich
0 #1 Tillamook "old growth" harvestMartin T. Wozich 2009-06-25 21:03:04
People need to realize that there is absolutely no old growth timber in the Tillamook State Forest. The old growth timber was salvage-logged following the Tillamook Burn. The massive reforestation effort following the catastrophic fire yielded the bountiful forest we enjoy today. Timber harvesting and recreation can coexist.
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Martin T. Wozich
0 #2 Foresters vs. "Conservationis ts"Martin T. Wozich 2009-06-25 21:16:27
I'm sick of this media-bias that portrays anyone that opposes timber harvest as a conservationist . Foresters strive to produce timber in perpetuity without damaging the land. They are the true conservationist s. Perhaps you should use the term "envirocrites" to describe those who oppose timber harvesting while living in their wooden houses.
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