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Free state inmates?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Until now the prison system in Oregon has seemed recession-proof, but with state budget cuts looming, either inmates may be released or the system may be reorganized.

In Salem these days, the criminal justice debates under way are philosophical: Should the state simply let large numbers of inmates walk free to balance the budget in the short term or retool the way Oregon manages corrections?

Some legislators and even the head of the Department of Corrections, a former Republican legislator, are quietly pushing for a new approach to criminal justice —one that allows for a range of sanctions for lawbreakers so fewer people end up in prison.

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Andrew S Johnson
0 #1 Concerned Citizen,Andrew S Johnson 2009-05-26 15:43:57
Why would we let people go from prison early? Only Laywers & those others who profit from this revolving door policy would ever concieve such a fool hardy idea. I suppose so they can reak more havoc on the Law abiding citizens. I would only be in favor of this if we also shipped them to Mexico upon release, or at least anopther State like California or NY on Charter Prison buses paid for by the State. We should follow Sheriff Joe's approach in AZ. Make them do hard time, crewcut hair styles for everyone in prison - more healthy (if it works for Military boot camp it will also work in prison - also helps break their spirit), basic nutritious food & water- (no soda pop or cookies & cake), hard time - means doing hard work, put them in work camps with armed guards who can shoot if they attempt to escape, chain gangs for working along the highways & National forests, fighting forest fires, picking crops in the fields for our farmers, or growing the food which they eat in the prison system, etc. The money they earn can go to their victims or to help support their own families. Last but not least, no color TV's, no phones, early to rise & early to bed. . . . if they worked them at hard labor they would be ready for bed in tents, not fancy prisons which cost us fortunes to build & maintain. They might even not want to come back once they do earn parole or serve out their full sentences for the crimes they have committed. If you don't want to do the time then don't do the crime!
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0 #2 You must not know someone in jailKathy 2009-06-01 17:47:28
My fiance is in prison for driving while suspended, which is a crime him and I both admit, BUT its not a crime worth 4 years in prison. There are other options out there for non violent criminals. Community service!!!!!! I am glad that he is able to call me a few times a week, and I PAY for him to do so. Not everyone who is there has done anything worth being there for. We have a house I cant support alone, he had a job, we have a family, and because people beleive in harsh punishment our economy suffers. He was out here being a part of his community and supporting his family. The guy that molested my sister got 7 years. thats a crime worth serving time for not driving. Not everyone who is in prison gets TV's or radios, and when they do thei loved ones and friends pay for it. The inmates work to pay for more than luxurys, but things they need, shampoo, soap. socks, underwear, and if they save their money (the whole 50.00 a month) they can get something to pass the time.
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0 #3 Early Releaselotusjani 2009-06-11 07:44:24
Let they inmates be released early, not the murderers or sex offenders,inmat es at the minimum security prisons would be the first to be out, since their "crimes" was drinking beer and fight with their girlfriends who also participated in the fight was scott free.
And to Andrew Johnson, what is this, do you think inmates in prison get all those goodies your ignorant commentary talks about? And are these inmates in a Nazi camp or incarcerated in a free America. No, they do not get cake, etc. all you needed to ad was strippers at dinner time. The families have to send them a little money so they can buy top ramen noodles for $1.25 a shot, they have to buy their own underware and socks, sugar, coffe, etc.
And yeah, let inmates support their "victims" with their whole $27.00 to $74.00 a month, you are laughable, mister!
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0 #4 ~irish~officer~ 2009-08-23 02:47:42
my husband has been in prison for 2 years, leaving behind four small children... not because of doing drugs! not because of violentce! Because this state does not worry about us people that struggle and cant get a job! My husband was in the army for 6 years and hon.discharged- After that... nothing,no work- so no work no home no food exc.exc. I do not agree with my husbands actions AT ALL! but a early release for him and many others with simular cases and offenders that deserve a second chance, this should be fine! when he first left I had two choices... give up my kids i could no longer support on my own(NEVER) or get help from the state??? hummm kay now taxpayers are paying for my husbands prison stay and helping a family of five! Stupid! Maybe if my husband who by the way was a stand up man that gave five familys a christmas EVERY year-for SIX YEARS! would have been able to get a job 'Any job' This would have NEVER happend. I know support my family on my own and pay my taxes. I say early release YES YES YES! but with many regulations. sex crimes-NO! murderers-NO! violent offenders(some) -NO! This has ruined our lifes and so many people are blind to what is realy going on!!!
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0 #5 cece 2009-09-24 16:24:01
Wow ur such a cruel person. Ur lumping all inmates together. Not every1 goes 2 jaail 4 murder or rape sum of the hve minor offenses n u want 2 "break their spirit". How evil can u b. Sum1 dat gets caught with weed shud not b treated the sme way as serial killer or rapist or mass murderers. Send them 2 ny??? Y the hell wud u send inmates from an overcrowed fcility to another. Y the hell shud my tax money b payin for inmates from anothr state. Ummmm no u keep ur inmaates. The 1 wit minor offenses shud b set free eaarly....havn a record is punishment enuff. Its even worse on the outside bcuz of ppl lik u that won't giv them a 2nd chance, they can baarely get a decent job.
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0 #6 convicted but innocentinnocent 2009-10-17 13:38:57
What about the people that are convicted of a crime but was innocent(30%), bad lawyer who made alot of money and with back door deal with his buddy the DA just to get a conviction... :sad:
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0 #7 15 % inmate cuts for what type of offensesSunny 2010-06-29 20:38:39
any measure 11 cuts for inmates ? and what type of fenses could my mom qualify?
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0 #8 Another convicted BUT innocent storyKathy 2010-07-31 05:48:54
My husband is in prison for simply being a whistle blower against the state of OR some 11 years ago. No crime! None whatsoever, yet he is in prison for FIFTEEN years because of an extremely DIRTY judge and dirty DA. It amazes me just how broken our current justice system in OR is. Pay the judge with money and he/she will rule in your favor, whether the facts don't come close to adding up. It is a shame! SHAME ON ALL OREGON JUDGES! Talk about a secret society! Gaddianton robbers...ALL of them!
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