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MotoCzysz raising $6M

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Portland-based electric motorcycle company MotoCzysz is raising $6 million in venture capital.

MotoCzysz partnered with global automotive parts company, Remy International, to co-develop an electric drive system that could have wide applications in the growing EV industry.

True to [CEO Michael] Czysz's training as an architect and designer, the drive is an eye-catching bright red box — about as sexy as it gets for car parts.

"It's really magical," Czysz said, describing the drive, officially called the D1g1tal Dr1ve. "There is one moving part in the motor. It's so simple. Most early EV engines can only use about 50 percent of their power potential."

The drive is designed to be an easy solution for electric vehicle manufacturers. It contains a system of matched integrated components, including motor, controller, a proprietary cooling system, final drive and a differential that allows for wheel rotation at different speeds — all enclosed in a lightweight aluminum shell.

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