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Why I became an Oregon angel investor


I really didn’t know that much about angel investing, but I did know a lot about the entrepreneurial spirit.

Protect your business' reputation: Know yourself

051314 thumb reputationBY CASEY BOGGS

This past quarter, we’ve seen an increase in business leaders contacting us concerned about their company’s reputation.

Holiday party pitfalls


12.19.13 Thumbnail HolidayParty

With the holidays in full swing, many companies are electing to celebrate with their employees by throwing holiday parties. There is always some degree of risk associated with any company-sponsored function.

The power of purpose

12.05.13 Thumbnail Core


Your ability to prosper as a company is not about what you sell, it's about what you believe. And it should drive everything you do.


On lying to the boss


06.14.13 Thumbnail BossI was recently asked, how much do people lie to their bosses, and what can be done about it? Lying to the boss happens constantly across organizations. The one universal constant about lying: people do it to ‘manage’ or manipulate the boss’ reactions.

In today's workforce, a high IQ isn't enough

01.18.13 Thumbnail JobSkillsAbout 53% of CEOs said that they see a lack of skills as a major challenge facing their organization. Nearly 55% of workers feel pressure to acquire new skills. But here’s the catch, only 25% of them actually feel like they are getting the support that they need. It’s simply not working. We’re not preparing for the future if we don’t invest in the present.

HP and Microsoft just aren't fun

01.09.13 Thumbnail HPWindowsHP's profitability is getting crushed and Microsoft's Windows 8 gamble hasn't exactly revolutionized the computing world.  Each of these companies has pursued a misguided path in the name of "strategy".  The truth is that this direction wasn't a viable strategy for either company because it didn't address the real problems either one faced.

Leadership lessons from the superstorm

imo-blogLeadership is about eliciting the best in others. In order for an organization to truly excel, a culture of bringing out the best in people must permeate it. Leadership expert Michael Beck explains why a culture that embraces a servant leader philosophy accomplishes just that.

Local, sustainable food can build a vital economy

08.30.12 Thumbnail LocalFoodThere is a revolution happening in which globalization is not the best solution, in which the focus is increasingly local and has the most hope for creating jobs, building community, and improving our health. That revolution is around food: what we grow, how we grow it, how we distribute it, how we consume it. The phrase, “Think Globally, Act Locally” has never been more appropriate than when we talk about food. By wine industry pioneer Susan Sokol Blosser.