From the Wires

Detroit has nearly 50,000 stray dogs

Bloomberg: Bankrupt Detroit has nearly 50,000 stray dogs roaming its streets and vacant homes.

Labor Day travel expected to hit 5-year high

Bloomberg: Consumer confidence is expected to boost the number of Americans traveling for the Labor Day weekend to a five-year high.

People call 911 when cable outage makes them miss 'Breaking Bad'

Fox News: When a power outage knocked out cable service in parts of Connecticut, many viewers called 911 because they couldn't watch Breaking Bad.

Looters burn mummies in Egyptian museum

MSN: Looters store a 3,500-year-old statue and more than 1,000 other artifacts from the Malawi Museum.

New Jersey banning gay conversion therapy

Reuters: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into a law a measure that prevents therapists from counseling gay and lesbian children to change their sexual orientation.

Budweiser number one beverage behind ER visits

CBS: Budweiser is the number one beverage behind alcohol-related emergency room visits.

Farms turn to 'naturally grown' label instead of organic

AP: Small farms are increasingly labeling their products "Certified Naturally Grown" instead of "organically grown" to avoid federal charges.

Romanian princess arrested in Eastern Oregon cockfighting bust

KGW: A Romanian princess and her Oregonian husband were arrested in an alleged cockfighting ring in Irrigon.

Judge rules Bitcoin is a currency

Independent: A U.S. judge ruled that Bitcoin, a decentralized virtual currency, should be recognized as a form of money.

New government documents acknowledge Area 51

The Atlantic Wire: Newly declassified documents acknowledge the existence of Area 51.

Facebook use predicts unhappiness

CBS: A new study shows that Facebook makes people feel connected, but Facebook use actually predicts a decline in happiness and well-being.

Olympic stuntman killed in wingsuit accident

Mirror: Mark Sutton, the Olympics stuntman who parachuted into opening ceremony as James Bond, dies in Swiss Alps.

South Dakota tribe ends prohibition

BBC: A South Dakota Native American tribe ravaged by alcohol abuse has voted to end prohibition, which critics say will only worsen the reservation's problems.