From the Wires

Pesticides hurt bees' ability to sniff out food

The Guardian: A study in the U.K. found that certain pesticides disrupt bees' learning to associate particular scents with food.


Can we save the environment by mining asteroids?

The Atlantic: Space Adventures co-founder Eric Anderson says that mining resources from asteroids could help reduce the cost of transportation into space.

Two thousand years of spring break The long shadow of March mayhem, from ancient Greek festivals to white Florida beaches — and into local tax coffers.

Employees fired over Ford art depicting tied-up women The India-based advertising agency that created artwork of women tied up in the back of a Ford has sacked some of the employees responsible for the images.

Space station capsule returns to Earth

USA Today: A private capsule carrying equipment and experiments returned to the Pacific Ocean after a 23-day round trip to the International Space Station.

Crowds gather on first day of gay marriage case

AP: Supporters and opponents of gay marriage rallied in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices began the first day of arguments in gay marriage cases.

Italy orders new trial for Amanda Knox Italy's highest criminal court ordered a new trial for Amanda Knox and her former Italian boyfriend on Tuesday, overturning their acquittals in the  slaying of her British roommate.

Dell gets two alternative takeover proposals

Wall Street Journal: Dell received two alternative takeover proposals, from Carl Icahn and Blackstone Group.

Israelis get kosher cigarettes for Passover

AP: Observant Jews in Israel can now enjoy a rabbi-approved puff during the week-long Passover holiday that starts at sundown Monday.

Cyprus bailout casts doubt on future of Euro

Reuters: The messy deal to bail out Cyprus has averted the latest threat to the break-up of the euro but raises new questions about the currency's long-term viability.

Scammer threatens Portland woman with arrest

KATU: A scammer held a woman hostage on the phone, telling her if she hung up she would go to jail.

Apple bans sweatshop iPad game

CNET: Apple banned an iPad game designed to teach kids about where there favorite products are made—sweatshops.

U.S. autism diagnosis on the rise

Los Angeles Times: A government study found that 2% of U.S. schoolchildren are being diagnosed with autism, compared to 1.2% in a similar 2007 study.