From the Wires

Half million Iraqis died in war, study says War and occupation directly and indirectly claimed the lives of about a half-million Iraqis from 2003 to 2011.

Underwater wi-fi given test run

BBC: Researchers have tested an "underwater wi-fi" network in a lake in an attempt to make a "deep-sea internet."

NYC had a murder-free week

NYPost: There were no murders in the five boroughs of New York City last week.

Snowden claims NSA-spying hurting the economy

The A Register: The U.S. economy is another victim of surveillance by the National Security Agency according to expatriate whistleblower Edward Snowden.

U.S. moose die-off remains unsolved

Christian Science Monitor: Scientists are baffled by the death of a large numbers of moose across the U.S.

Senators nearing deal on shutdown

USA Today: Top Senate leaders say they are close to a deal to end the government shutdown.

The 25 highest-paid women

CNN: Safra Catz of Oracle again tops the list, with $43 million in total compensation.

Protests follow Google 'shared endorsements' plan

BBC: Google is facing a backlash over plans to put people's faces and comments about products and places into advertisements.

Oregon cheerleaders to wear creepy contacts

Twitter: Oregon Ducks cheerleaders released a photo of the creepy contacts they will wear this weekend at Washington.

JetBlue lets travelers pool loyalty points

CNN: JetBlue Airways will now allow members of its TrueBlue loyalty program to register as a family.

Five famous CEO gaffes

BBC: Over the past few years, a slew of chief executives have made verbal gaffes that even the most brilliant PR teams have had serious trouble spinning.

Most fault GOP for shutdown in new WSJ/NBC poll

The Wall Street Journal: The government shutdown has eroded public support for Republicans more than Democrats and most think the showdown is not in the best interest of the country., according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

U.S. cities bring in more revenue

Reuters: The financial clouds that settled over U.S. cities during the 2007-09 recession are lifting.