From the Wires

Antarctic lake full of life

NBC News: Antarctic scientists say the contnent's largest, deepest subsurface lake, Lake Vostok, is likely teaming with thousands tiny varieties of organisms and fish.

Target founder dead at 88

CBSnews: Douglas Dayton, who led the transformation of a family department store into retailing giant Target Corp., has died at the age of 88.

Brazil World Cup to have 'cheapest tickets ever'

BBC: Fifa Secretary-General Jerome Valcke said 70% of the matches would cost less than in previous events; ticket prices will be announced on 19 July.

How to save your life in a plane crash

CNN: In recent years, aircraft manufacturers have focused not only on accident avoidance, but also on helping passengers survive the impact and post-crash evacuation.

Two popes to become saints

AP: Pope Francis cleared two recent popes to become saints.

28 injured in Southern California fireworks incident

CBS: More than two dozen people were injured when a wood platform holding live fireworks tipped over, sending the pyrotechnics into a crowd.

Former French president asks for Facebook donations

BBC: Nicolas Sarkozy has asked for donations in a Facebook appeal to help his cash-strapped conservative UMP party.

India launches cheap food program to woo voters

Reuters:  Allocating $22 billion in food welfare to benefit hundreds of millions of citizens, the ruling Congress party of India hopes to win a third term next May.

Soccer ball powers three-hour light

CBSnews: Soccket, an energy-storing soccer ball that creates enough power after 30 minutes of play it can power a light for three hours.

Climate extremes unprecedented

BBC: The Earth experienced unprecedented recorded climate extremes during the decade 2001-2010, according to the World Meteorological Organisation.

Tiffany's VP swipes $1.3 million in jewelry

New York Daily News: A Tiffany & Co. VP who was fired in February faces federal charges of stealing diamond bracelets, platinum earrings and other jewelry worth $1.3 million from the company's flagship store.

Bugs to be earth's last survivors

BBC: The last surviving creatures on Earth will be tiny organisms living deep underground, according to scientists.

Gabby Gifford shoots gun while on tour

CNN:  The former Arizona Congresswoman was on the second stop of a week-long, seven state tour across the nation trying to build public support for enhanced background checks for gun purchases.