From the Wires

Instagram hopes to compete with Twitter

NEW YORK TIMES: Kevin Systrom was being considered for the Twitter job, but he wants to stay with Instagram.

Gmail unveils 'unsend' feature

OREGONLIVE.COM: Gmail hopes to save its users from embarrassment by making it easier to unsend messages.

Boeing CEO plans to step down

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Jim McNerney, CEO of Boeing for the last 10 years, plans to step down.

Supreme Court: Government impacting supply-and-demand of raisins is unconstitutional

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot take raisins away from farmers to boost market prices.

Walmart, eBay won't sell Confederate flag merchandise

CNN: Merchandise with the Confederate flag on it will not be sold at Walmart anymore.

Powell's ranked the best independent bookstore in the world

THE GUARDIAN: The Guardian newspaper celebrated Independent Bookshop Week with a list of the 10 best in the world. A Portland favorite landed the top spot.

SCOTUS expected to decide gay marriage, health care subsidies cases

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Supreme Court justices will meet Thursday, expect to hand down decisions.

Dog meat trade divides China

CNN: The consumption of dog meat does have historical precedence in China.

Charlston shooting supsect charged

BBC: Suspect Dylann Roof, 21, is due to make his first court appearance on Friday.

State considers increase in driver's license fees

BEND BULLETIN: Oregon drivers may have to pay higher fees in the near future.

California deems Uber drivers employees, not contractors

NPR: The California Labor Commission established that Uber drivers should be treated as employees.

Water situation becoming dire in some California cities

24/7 WALL ST.: With California entering its fourth-straight year of drought, some cities are running out of water.

US homeownership rate to continue its plunge

WASHINGTON POST: Fewer people own their homes and the trend is expected to continue.