From the Wires

The food truck business stinks

New York Times: "Despite the inherent attractiveness of cute trucks and clever food options, the [foodcart] business stinks."

Ammonium nitrate trigger for Texas blast

Reuters: Investigators have confirmed that ammonium nitrate was the trigger for the explosion at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant last month that left 14 people dead.

Women missing for a decade found alive

Reuters: The three women were discovered alive in a house in Cleveland and the home's owner and his two brothers were arrested, police said on Tuesday.

Internet tax bill sails through Senate, heads for House

REUTERS: Legislation allowing states  to impose sales taxes on online retailers easily passed the Senate but appears to face greater opposition among House Republicans.

Facebook joins Fortune 500

USA Today: Facebook joined the Fortune 500 for the first time, due to its rising revenue.

Alleged Auschwitz guard arrested

AP: A 93-year-old man was arrested by German authorities on allegations he served as an Auschwitz death camp guard.

Calif. upholds pot store bans

LA Times: The California Supreme Court decided that cities may ban medical marijuana dispensaries through zoning, as happened in Riverside.

Arctic Ocean 'acidifying rapidly'

BBCnews: The Arctic seas are being made rapidly more acidic by carbon-dioxide emissions, according to a new report.

Pfizer first to sell Viagra online

AP: The drugmaker will begin selling its popular erectile dysfunction pill Viagra directly to patients on its website.

Hillary landslide in poll for 2016 Democratic nomination

POLITICO: A new poll for the 2016 presidential race that didn't include Republican candidates has Hillary Clinton heavily favored as the Democratic nominee.

China having its own meat scandal

Guardian: Chinese authorities have detained more than 900 people in the last three months over meat-related offenses.

Solar-powered plane takes flight across U.S.

Reuters: A solar-powered airplane that developers hope to eventually pilot around the world took off early on Friday from San Francisco Bay.

Suicides among middle aged jump by one third The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that suicides are now the tenth-leading cause of death in the U.S.