From the Wires

WHO confirms polio outbreak in Syria

BBC: The World Health Organization confirmed 10 cases of polio in Syria, the first outbreak in the country in 14 years.

Banksy calls WTC a 'betrayal'

CNN: British graffiti artist Banksy criticized the design of One World Trade Center, calling it a "betrayal."

Dick Cheney cancels Canada trip for being too dangerous

National Post: Dick Cheney canceled a planned trip to Toronto, citing concerns that Canada is too dangerous.

Benefits of 'de-Americanization'

Reuters: The current bout of Washington inanity has accelerated a trend that has been gathering steam for at least the last five years: the move away from a Washington-centric world.

New species discovered in 'lost world'

CNN: Scientists discover lizard, frog species in untrod Australian rainforest.

FDA proposes stricter pet food rules

NBC News: The Food and Drug Administration proposed new standards for pet and other animal food.

Samsung profit jumps 26 percent

BBC: Samsung Electronics has reported a 26% increase in profit in the third quarter driven by strong smartphone sales and a recovery in its memory chip business.

Consumers bypass insurance exchange

Reuters: Americans hitting roadblocks on the new U.S. government-run healthcare website have been contacting insurers directly and enrolling in plans away from the federal marketplace.

Study finds young people suffering more strokes

Sky News: The global rate of stroke among young and middle-aged people has risen significantly according to a new study.

Wikipedia's volunteer workforce shrinking

MIT Technology Review: Wikipedia's volunteer workforce has shrunk by more than a third since 2007.

Genes may predict political inclination

TheAtlantic: Scientific research shows political partisanship transcends economics, environment, and upbringing.

Women better multi-taskers than men

BBC: It's not a myth - women really are better than men at multitasking, at least in certain cases, a study says.

Support for marijuana legalization reaches all-time high

Yahoo: For the first time, a solid majority of American adults supports legalizing marijuana.