From the Wires

Price of already-built homes in Seattle area drops

SEATTLE TIMES: The housing market in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties fell 0.2 percent in September.

Apple hits record-high value

BLOOMBERG: The maker of the iPhone was valued at $700 billion after shares rose 0.8 percent to $119.59.

Fed's ability to regulate questioned

NEW YORK TIMES: In wake of congressional hearings, the Federal Reserve is facing significant questions regarding its role in the finance industry.

Budweiser to move away from Clydesdales

THE WEEK: Anheuser-Busch InBev is taking steps to revive brand's relevance in 21-27 demographic.

Mergers lucrative for departing CEOs, but not necessarily shareholders

AP: Critics say "golden parachute" deals are motivation to make so-so deals.

Senators ask, but get no real answers regarding safety from air bag executives

AP: Quality chief for Takata Corp. apologizes for air bags that can fire metal shrapnel into the car.

Senate investigation says Wall Street misused commodities businesses

BLOOMBERG: Firms blurred line between banking and commercial activities at expense of consumers.

Amazon says its cloud services will run on renewable energy

TIME: The company announced a comprehensive policy regarding its environmental impact on Wednesday.

Home building falls in October due to apartment sector

Associated Press: Construction of new homes fell 2.8 percent from September.

Dollar hits highest point against Yen since 2007

REUTERS: Investors believe the US central bank could raise interest rates next year.

Investors wonder if OPEC cutback is imminent

BLOOMBERG: The United States is producing oil at fast pace, creating a bear market as demand lags.

IBM looks to improve business e-mail

REUTERS: The computer hardware company is shifting toward cloud computing and data analytics.

Halliburton buying rival for $34.6B

ABC NEWS: Low gas prices spur company to acquire Baker Hughes.