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Wedding industry adjusting to gay marriage

Mercury News: As Bay Area same-sex couples plan their marriages, the wedding industry is having to adjust their businesses built on the tradition of marriage between one man and one woman.

Congressional Democrats clash with Obama over Larry Summers

Washington Post: Some congressional Democrats expressed opposition to former treasury secretary Lawrence Summers replacing Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman prompting President Obama to defend him.

Unemployment up in 90 percent of U.S. cities

CBS: Unemployment rates rose in 90% of U.S. cities in June as new college graduates began searching for jobs.

Apple in talks with China Mobile

Reuters: Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday met with the head of China Mobile Ltd, the world's largest mobile carrier by subscribers.

Google creating near-perfect translator

CNET: The company's Android product head says Google has prototypes of a device that will one day erase language barriers.

Human trafficking criminals go high-tech

The Guardian: Investigators are having to learn new techniques to keep up with criminals that are increasingly using the internet for human trafficking.

Apple faces lawsuit over mandatory bag checks

CNET: After allegedly being made to stand in line for "required but uncompensated security checks," former retail store employees sue the iPhone-maker for dozens of hours of unpaid wages.

Pope may be open to gay priests

WSJ: Pontiff's comments suggest greater acceptance of homosexuality among clerics.

Netflix doesn't affect how much TV people watch

CNET: Netflix's new content isn't making a difference in how much television people watch on the 28 main networks, a new study shows.

The death of the salesman

TheAtlantic: Technology threatens retail sector jobs.

'Cluster boxes' to replace mail boxes The sight of the mail carrier strolling up to the front door to drop off that day's letters may soon be a thing of the past.

Apple named 'brand of the year'

PCMag: The company is still the top technology brand, based on the 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend study, released Friday.

Pepsi no longer to call Naked Juices 'natural'

AP: PepsiCo Inc. says it will no longer label its Naked juices as being “all natural,” after a lawsuit complained that the drinks contain ingredients that don’t fit that bill.