From the Wires

9/11 prisoner asked to design vacuum cleaner

BBC: The alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, reportedly asked his CIA captors if he could design a vacuum cleaner.

Employers increasingly offering pet insurance

Yahoo: U.S. employers are offering subsidized pet insurance as a perk to workers.

Tribune splitting newspapers, broadcasting

Chicago Tribune: Tribune Co. will split off its publishing business into a separate company, one week after announcing a deal to buy 19 television stations.

Apple conspired to raise price of ebooks

Reuters: A federal judge ruled that the company conspired with five major publishers to raise the retail prices of e-books.

Map: which countries pay the most bribes

BBC: One person in four has paid a bribe to a public body in the last year, according to a survey carried out in 95 countries by Transparency International.

Pollution cuts lives by five years in China Severe pollution has slashed an average of five and half years from life expectancy in northern China, as toxic air has led to higher rates of stroke, heart disease and cancer.

The economic cost of hangovers

The Atlantic: Excessive boozing costs the economy about $1.37 in lost productivity for each drink consumed.

Antarctic lake full of life

NBC News: Antarctic scientists say the contnent's largest, deepest subsurface lake, Lake Vostok, is likely teaming with thousands tiny varieties of organisms and fish.

Target founder dead at 88

CBSnews: Douglas Dayton, who led the transformation of a family department store into retailing giant Target Corp., has died at the age of 88.

Brazil World Cup to have 'cheapest tickets ever'

BBC: Fifa Secretary-General Jerome Valcke said 70% of the matches would cost less than in previous events; ticket prices will be announced on 19 July.

How to save your life in a plane crash

CNN: In recent years, aircraft manufacturers have focused not only on accident avoidance, but also on helping passengers survive the impact and post-crash evacuation.

Two popes to become saints

AP: Pope Francis cleared two recent popes to become saints.

28 injured in Southern California fireworks incident

CBS: More than two dozen people were injured when a wood platform holding live fireworks tipped over, sending the pyrotechnics into a crowd.