From the Wires

Record carbon emissions in 2012

Reuters: China led a rise in global carbon dioxide emissions to a record high in 2012, more than offsetting falls in the United States and Europe.

Prison guards describe sexual harassment Female officers say inmates did unspeakable acts of sex harassment, and brass ignored it.

Man behind leaks seeks asylum Edward Snowden, the man behind one of the biggest leaks in the history of U.S. intelligence, is a former technical assistant for the CIA.

Obama says no one listenening to phone calls

Reuters: President Barack Obama on Friday  defended U.S. government programs conducting surveillance of Americans' phone and Internet activity.

Putin divorces wife of 30 years

CNN: Vladimir Putin's nearly 30-year marriage has ended, the Russian president and his wife told state-run television in a joint interview.

Target rolling out organic grocery brand

AP: Target Corp. is planning a new organic and natural store brand as it works to rev up its grocery business.

Microsoft helps bust up cybergang operation

USA Today: Microsoft orchestrated the bust-up of another botnet operation that stole $500 million.

NSA collecting phone records of Verizon customers

CBSnews: The National Security Agency currently is collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon under a top secret court order, according to British newspaper, The Guardian.

Navy SEAL comes out as transgender Memoir reveals Navy SEAL Kristen Beck's, formerly Chris Beck, transition from male to female.

Amazon plans move into grocery business

Reuters: is planning a major roll-out of an online grocery business called AmazonFresh that has been in the works for years.

Chimp photos auctioned for $76K

CBSnews: A collection of photographs were sold at London auction, with 18 of them getting a lot of attention because of who was behind the lens: a chimp.

Native American denied diploma after wearing feather Alabama high school graduate Chelsey Ramer was fined $1,ooo and denied her diploma and transcripts after wearing an eagle feather.

Lululemon brings back controversial yoga pants

LA Times: Lululemon Athletica is bringing back its black yoga pants after rigorous testing for sheerness.