From the Wires

Price of crude oil declines

ASSOCIATED PRESS: American drivers can expect extremely low gas prices later this year.

OSU tabs new dean of business college

REGISTER-GUARD: Oregon State University announced Monday it has chosen an Arizona State University official to be the dean of the business school.

Burt's Bees founder dies

CNNMoney: Burt Shavitz, co-founder and namesake of natural personal care company, has passed away at 80.

Greece votes no

NYTimes: Voters rejected a bailout linked to austerity on Sunday.

Did airlines collude to keep fares high?

ASSOCIATED PRESS: An inquiry by the US government is investigating whether airlines worked together to gouge customers.

Citigroup analyst thinks Puma should sell

BLOOMBERG: Is it time for Puma to sell? At least one analyst thinks so.

OSU researchers examine warm-water mass

REGISTER-GUARD: Scientists from Oregon State University are studying a mass of warm water off the West Coast for potential ties to climate change.

Appeals court rules against Apple

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Federal court rules Apple violated antitrust laws by colluding with publishers.

Microsoft to cut division, 1,200 jobs

BLOOMBERG: Microsoft is shuttering its online display ad business.

Apple suppliers introduce 'Force Touch' to new iPhone

BLOOMBERG: New iPhones will be able to tell how hard you are pressing the screen.

Uncertainty abound in Greece

ASSOCIATED PRESS: European Union nations voted to reject an extension of Greece's bailout program, sending the country into uncertainty.

Lululemon issues recall of hoodies

BLOOMBERG: Lululemon has recalled 318,000 women's hoodies after injuries were reported.

SCOTUS: Gay marriage is legal throughout nation

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Same-sex couples now have the right to get married anywhere in the United States.