From the Wires

Pluto images boggle the mind

CNN: New spacecraft images reveal planet is covered with wide smooth areas, lumpy terrain and enormous mountains.

Nike fined by French court

OREGONLIVE.COM: Nike was fined for draping a jersey over a Winston Churchill statue after the French men's national basketball team qualified for the European Championships in 2011.

June retail sales decrease

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Americans spent less in June than expected.

Starbucks wants to give jobs to young people

NEW YORK TIMES: Companies pledge to end rampant unemployment rates among young people.

High Times hits snag in Portland Cannabis Cup plans

OREGONLIVE.COM: Planning of a Cannabis Cup in Portland has been slowed due to state regulations.

Reddit CEO steps down

BLOOMBERG: Ellen Pao has resigned amid controversy.

Teen truckers could be on the road soon

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Congress is proposing a bill that would allow drivers as young as 18 to operate semitrucks.

Parents complain of foul-mouthed minions toy

OREGONLIVE.COM: Some families are complaining about toys found in Happy Meals that feature a cussing toy.

Hackers steal 21M Social Security numbers

ASSOCIATED PRESS: More than 21 million had their information compromised in the latest breach of government systems.

Microsoft to eliminate 7,800 jobs

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Microsoft's immense struggles to get into the phone hardware business will result in a 7,800 job cuts.

Gun store owner abandons recall effort

REGISTER-GUARD: The effort to recall Rep. Val Hoyle has been dropped.

Time Warner nicked for robocalls

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A Texas woman has been awarded about $230,000 after Time Warner hit her with 153 robocalls despite complaints.

United glitch causes nationwide delays

OREGONLIVE.COM: The FAA grounded all of United Airlines' flights this morning after a computer glitch.