From the Wires

Information of more than 100K taxpayers breached

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Personal tax information stolen from the IRS' website.

Media CEOs majority of top-10 highest paid

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Six of the 10 highest-paid CEOs in America work in the media.

Two protesters chain themselves to Shell ship outside of Bellingham

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Royal Dutch Shell support ship has been targeted by environmentalists.

PDX Carpet Adidas sell out in limited edition release

OREGONLIVE.COM: It's been a big year for the PDX Carpet pattern and Adidas is cashing in on the carpet's cache.

How to court millennials

BLOOMBERG: Bank of America Merrill Lynch has released a how-to guide on courting millennials.

Wal-Mart wants meat suppliers to improve treatment of animals

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Food retail giant wants its meat suppliers to stem the use of antibiotics in farm animals.

Scandal negatively impacts Tom Brady's endorsement value

BLOOMBERG: New England quarterback Tom Brady will see ill effects financially due to a ball-deflating scandal, a report reveals.

John Kerry pushes TPP in Seattle speech

BLOOMBERG: Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States would fall behind its global competitors if it doesn't pass the trade proposal backed by President Barack Obama.

Big banks hit with $2.5B fine

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Financial institutions are being fined for manipulating the global currency market, starting in 2007.

Six Chinese nationals allegedly stole trade secrets

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Six technologists have been charged with stealing wireless technology from American companies.

Lane Bryant owner to buy Ann Taylor, Loft

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Ascena Retail Group is buying the owner of Ann Taylor and Loft for about $2.16 billion.

Apple introduces updated MacBook Pro, iMac

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Apple drops price on high-end iMac and tweaks MacBook Pro.

Nissan wants its self-driving cars on the road by 2020

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Nissan expects to provide consumers with self-driving cars by 2020. It's up to government regulators if they'll be allowed to use them on the roads.