From the Wires

Elderly increasingly falling into debt

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Older people in America are struggling with housing debt at an increasing pace.

Three earthquakes strike off coast

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Officials say no tsunamis will be triggered by the trio of earthquakes that hit off the Oregon Coast.

Women CEOs make more, are fewer

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Although there are fewer of them, female chief executives are outpacing their male counterparts. 

Report says Intel, Altera deal near

BLOOMBERG: A deal once believed to be off the table, is now believe to be done for about $15 billion.

DEQ fines Tillamook creamery

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Wastewater management at the center of a $56,500 fine.

Pranksters discover iPhone text glitch that shuts down your phone

MASHABLE: Using unicode, the message shuts down iPhones.

Google: We created $939M in Oregon economic activity last year

PORTLAND BUSINESS JOURNAL: Google is taking credit for $939 million in Oregon economic activity in 2014.

Information of more than 100K taxpayers breached

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Personal tax information stolen from the IRS' website.

Media CEOs majority of top-10 highest paid

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Six of the 10 highest-paid CEOs in America work in the media.

Two protesters chain themselves to Shell ship outside of Bellingham

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Royal Dutch Shell support ship has been targeted by environmentalists.

PDX Carpet Adidas sell out in limited edition release

OREGONLIVE.COM: It's been a big year for the PDX Carpet pattern and Adidas is cashing in on the carpet's cache.

How to court millennials

BLOOMBERG: Bank of America Merrill Lynch has released a how-to guide on courting millennials.

Wal-Mart wants meat suppliers to improve treatment of animals

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Food retail giant wants its meat suppliers to stem the use of antibiotics in farm animals.