From the Wires

SCOTUS declines hearing debit-card fee case

BLOOMBERG: Retailers' bid to overturn a regulation they say unfairly hurts them was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Oxfam: Top 1 percent to have more wealth than rest of the world combined next year

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The world's richest people saw their percentage of the global wealth jump to 48 percent in 2014.

Officials report 50,000 gallons of oil spilled in Yellowstone River

FOX BUSINESS: A breach to a pipeline is suspected as the cause.

Rule change allows for American exports to Cuba

USA TODAY: Business leaders surprised by how lenient shipment rules that go into effect today are.

Swiss eschewing currency cap could hurt euro

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK: The struggles of the currency of the European Union could compound by the Swiss' decision.

Price of oil settles at less than $50 per barrel

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Oil prices continued to trend downward on Thursday.

Taxpayer advocate: Don't turn to IRS for help

TIME: Report states the IRS is offering the least amount of customer service it has since 2001.

Obama aims to increase spending in budget proposal

BLOOMBERG: The president's budget requests should cause a fight with the now Republican-led Congress.

US retail sales lower than expected

BLOOMBERG: Expectations for the economy were tempered by underwhelming December numbers for purchases.

Elon Musk talks company's interest in Mars, satellites

BLOOMBERG: The young billionaire said he had like to see an engineering office in Seattle that focuses on building and employing satellites.

Republican congress takes aim at Obama's immigration policies

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The GOP contends the president's executive actions were unconstitutional.

Obama calls for cybersecurity legislation

REGISTER GUARD: The proposed laws would encourage private companies to share information with Homeland Security.

Backups at West Coast ports 'no longer sustainable'

BLOOMBERG: Shippers hint that work stoppage at five largest ports is possible.