From the Wires

African elephants nearing extinction

AL JAZEERA AMERICA: Experts warn that wild African elephants could be extinct in the next couple decades.

Summer slated for self-driving Teslas

NEW YORK TIMES: Elon Musk announces self-driving Teslas will hit American roads by the summer.

Apples that resist browning, potatoes that don't bruise approved in US

ECONOMIC TIMES: A pair of new GMO-infused foods have been approved for sale in the United States.

Microsoft hints at plans to supplant Explorer with new browser

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Microsoft has plans to offer an alternative to its browsing staple.

Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg boost coffers used to fight tobacco industry

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Two of the country's wealthiest men create Anti-Tobacco Trade Litigation Fund.

Apple TV aims to add network stations

BLOOMBERG: Apple is in talks with ABC, CBS and Fox to stream those networks through its Web-based service.

6.5M boxes of Kraft mac and cheese recalled

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese are being recalled because they could contain pieces of metal.

Facebook explains what posts it deems allowable

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Social media giant clarifies what is allowed in its network.

Civil rights commission discusses workplace protections for gay people

MCCLATCHY: Series of panels discuss how the federal government can better protect gay people in the workplace.

Oil prices begin to fall again

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Price of oil fell 10 percent last week.

Law-enforcement gadget requires nondisclosure agreement

NEW YORK TIMES: Surveillance tool raises concerns about privacy.

Google aims to warn users of potentially dangerous Web content

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Search engine company will roll out warning signs to combat sites that feature "unwanted software."

Honda set to encourage owners to fix dangerous airbags

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Japanese automaker is launching an "unprecedented" ad campaign urging drivers to fix their potentially dangerous airbags.