From the Wires

Nissan wants its self-driving cars on the road by 2020

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Nissan expects to provide consumers with self-driving cars by 2020. It's up to government regulators if they'll be allowed to use them on the roads.

Northeast rail infrastructure is crumbling

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The bridges, tunnels and tracks were built in the early half of the 20th century and they get more passengers today than ever.

Seattle protesters kayak to Arctic drilling rig

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The oil drilling rig that will be sent to the Arctic is being staged in Seattle's harbor.

Prices of eggs, turkey increasing

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The spread of bird flu is driving up the prices of eggs and turkey. 

Analysts expect a summer of cheap gas

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Drivers could pay less this summer than they have at any point in the last six.

Is your dog a genius?

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Nat Geo Wild show will allow viewers to dive into the psyche of their canine companions.

Drought driving up beef prices

THE KANSAS CITY STAR: The 2012 drought is taking its toll on beef prices.

69,000 Jeeps added to Fiat Chrysler recall

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Fiat Chrysler has recalled an additional 69,000 Jeeps for a faulty side air bags that inflate without a crash.

Shell gets go-ahead to drill in Arctic

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management gave approval to Shell to drill in the Arctic.

Interactive fitting rooms aim to be a boon for retail sales

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A "smart" mirror aims to drive sales by suggesting to consumers a matching pair of pants to the shirt they're trying on.

Apple, WWF hatch plan to manage China forests

BLOOMBERG: As a part of the company's environmental initiatives, Apple will work with the World Wildlife Fund to manage forests in China.

Realtors turning to FaceTime

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: In hot housing markets, realtors are using FaceTime as an effective tool to show homes.

Americans forfeiting citizenship at record pace

BLOOMBERG: Americans living abroad recently set the record for giving up citizenship.