From the Wires

Google Glass consumer launch set for year's end

LA Times: Google plans to release Glass to the general public near the end of 2014.

Florida Rep. Trey Radel to resign

USA Today: GOP Rep. Trey Radel of Florida will resign from Congress.

Most don't know the health-insurance deadline

The Atlantic: A survey reported only 45 percent of Americans identified March 31 as purchase deadline for health insurance.

Less than half of children's screen time is educational

NYT: A study reports that as children age they spend more time with screens, but less time with educational activities.

Apple's Macintosh turns 30

CNET: The first Macintosh computer debuted on January 24, 1984.

What jobs will the robots take?

The Atlantic: Nearly half of American jobs today could be automated in a few decades, but which half?

New York 'mobster' charged in 'Goodfellas' cash robbery

BBC: Vincent Asaro has been charged with stealing $5 million from the JFK airport in 1978.

Fastest ever broadband speeds pass test

BBC: Speeds of 1.4 terabits per second were achieved during a test in London.

The decline of the American book lover

The Atlantic: Nearly a quarter of American adults have not read a single book in the past year.

College diversity is expensive

The Atlantic: President Obama has called on colleges to increase low-income student enrollment, but for elite schools, committing to financial-aid students will lead to budget cuts and decreased revenue.

Google testing 'smart contact lens'

BBC: Google is testing a "smart contact lens" that will measure glucose levels in tears.

Americans don't know how much they sleep

The Atlantic: Two surveys report different average sleep times for Americans and the number of U.S. insomnia diagnoses is more than five million.

Obama to end NSA data-hoarding

BBC: President Barack Obama will order the National Security Agency to stop collecting data from Americans' phones.