From the Wires

Stephen Hawking backs boycott of Israeli academics British physicist Stephen Hawking has dropped plans to attend a major international conference in Israel in June.

Cyber-thieves commit 'biggest bank heist in history'

Reuters:  The U.S. government charged eight individuals with stealing debit card data from two Middle Eastern banks in a scheme that prosecutors said netted $45 million in a matter of hours.

Boston will not accept suspect's body

Boston Globe: Boston's Mayor said he will not allow the body of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev to be buried in the city.

Passengers prompt diversion of Southwest Airlines flight A Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Providence made an unscheduled stop in South Carolina.

Gov. Christie diets for family, not politics

CNN.COM: Chris Christie says it was family rather than presidential politics that convinced him to undergo weight-reduction surgery.

The food truck business stinks

New York Times: "Despite the inherent attractiveness of cute trucks and clever food options, the [foodcart] business stinks."

Ammonium nitrate trigger for Texas blast

Reuters: Investigators have confirmed that ammonium nitrate was the trigger for the explosion at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant last month that left 14 people dead.

Women missing for a decade found alive

Reuters: The three women were discovered alive in a house in Cleveland and the home's owner and his two brothers were arrested, police said on Tuesday.

Internet tax bill sails through Senate, heads for House

REUTERS: Legislation allowing states  to impose sales taxes on online retailers easily passed the Senate but appears to face greater opposition among House Republicans.

Facebook joins Fortune 500

USA Today: Facebook joined the Fortune 500 for the first time, due to its rising revenue.

Alleged Auschwitz guard arrested

AP: A 93-year-old man was arrested by German authorities on allegations he served as an Auschwitz death camp guard.

Calif. upholds pot store bans

LA Times: The California Supreme Court decided that cities may ban medical marijuana dispensaries through zoning, as happened in Riverside.

Arctic Ocean 'acidifying rapidly'

BBCnews: The Arctic seas are being made rapidly more acidic by carbon-dioxide emissions, according to a new report.