From the Wires

Obamacare tech spending rose before launch

Reuters: The administration poured tens of millions of dollars more than it had planned into the federal website meant to enroll Americans in the biggest new social program since the 1960s.

Online privacy is dead It's getting harder to remain faceless online. Even far-out measures of data encryption are under attack.

Senate reaches deal to end shutdown

New York Times: Senate leaders have reached a deal to end the government shutdown and avoid a default.

Half million Iraqis died in war, study says War and occupation directly and indirectly claimed the lives of about a half-million Iraqis from 2003 to 2011.

Underwater wi-fi given test run

BBC: Researchers have tested an "underwater wi-fi" network in a lake in an attempt to make a "deep-sea internet."

NYC had a murder-free week

NYPost: There were no murders in the five boroughs of New York City last week.

Snowden claims NSA-spying hurting the economy

The A Register: The U.S. economy is another victim of surveillance by the National Security Agency according to expatriate whistleblower Edward Snowden.

U.S. moose die-off remains unsolved

Christian Science Monitor: Scientists are baffled by the death of a large numbers of moose across the U.S.

Senators nearing deal on shutdown

USA Today: Top Senate leaders say they are close to a deal to end the government shutdown.

The 25 highest-paid women

CNN: Safra Catz of Oracle again tops the list, with $43 million in total compensation.

Protests follow Google 'shared endorsements' plan

BBC: Google is facing a backlash over plans to put people's faces and comments about products and places into advertisements.

Oregon cheerleaders to wear creepy contacts

Twitter: Oregon Ducks cheerleaders released a photo of the creepy contacts they will wear this weekend at Washington.

JetBlue lets travelers pool loyalty points

CNN: JetBlue Airways will now allow members of its TrueBlue loyalty program to register as a family.