From the Wires

Vladimir Putin signs Russia-Crimea treaty

BBC: The Russian president and the leaders of Crimea have signed a bill to absorb the peninsula into Russia.

Study: foods rich in fish oils may not benefit heart

Bloomberg: Researchers found that foods high in omega-3 do not reduce the risk of heart disease.

Obama issues new sanctions against Russia

New York Times: President Obama has imposed sanctions on key individuals deemed responsible for the current crisis in Ukraine.

Flu risk cut by 'vigorous exercise'

BBC: New data suggests that a minimum of two and a half hours of vigorous exercise per week decreases the chance of developing influenza.

Facebook CEO phoned Obama about NSA

CNET: Mark Zuckerberg feels the National Security Agency overstepped its boundaries.

Science supports '5-second rule' for dropped food

Forbes: A new study found some truth to the "five-second rule," which suggests it's safe to consume food that has touched the floor as long as its within the five-second limit.

Amazon increases Prime fee

CNET: Amazon will raise the membership price for Prime premium service from $79 to $99 per year.

U.S. plan for reduced drug sentences

BBC: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder supports a proposal to shorten prison sentences for most drug dealers.

Overtime pay to reach more workers

Bloomberg: Under President Barack Obama's executive order, some U.S. workers deemed ineligible for overtime compensation will be able to collect extra pay.

Google buys Green Throttle Games

BBC: Google purchased the games controller firm for an undisclosed amount.

Cancer to become No. 1 killer in U.S.

CNN: A new report from the American Society of Clinical Oncology states cancer as the leading cause of death in 16 years.

Bitcoin firm wins brief U.S. bankruptcy protection

BBC: Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy in Japan in February after losing about $473 million work of customers' bitcoins.

Rival banana firms to merge

BBC: Irish fruit firm Fyffes and U.S. brand Chiquita will merge to create the world's largest banana company, worth about $1 billion.