From the Wires

Starbucks banning smoking around doors

AP: Starbucks will start banning smoking within 25 feet of its stores, beginning Saturday.

New Yorker wins U.S. spelling bee with 'knaidel'

Reuters: Arvind Mahankali, a 13-year-old boy from Bayside Hills, New York, won the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday.

More heavy storms headed toward midwest Motorist dies after heavy winds cause tree to topple on car in Ark. Overnight as forecasters warn of more tornadoes.

Private equity firm hires Petraeus

Forbes: $73B private Equity firm KKR hired four-star general and former CIA director David Petraeus.

Paterno estate to sue NCAA

AP: A lawsuit planned by the family of the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno seeks to overturn the NCAA's anctions against the football program for the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Desk jobs making people fat A new study about the link between weight and work suggest spending long hours behind a desk is making people fat.

Mothers the breadwinners in 4 in 10 homes

AP: America's working mothers are the primary breadwinners in a record 40% of households with children, up from 11% in 1960.

Facebook to improve response to hate speech

Reuters: Facebook Inc said its systems to remove hate speech haven't worked as well as the company had hoped.

Germany to use drones to catch graffiti artists Deutsche Bahn — the provider of Germany’s national rail system — has plans to use drones to root out graffiti artists using trains and platforms as their canvasses.

NYC's bike share program begins

Huffington Post: The country's biggest bicycle-sharing program launched with 6,000 bikes across New York City.

Angelina Jolie's aunt dies of breast cancer

BBCnews: Angelina Jolie's aunt has died of breast cancer, nearly two weeks after the Hollywood star said she had had a double mastectomy to avoid such a fate.

Nike cuts ties with Livestrong

AP: Nike, which helped build Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong cancer charity into a global brand, is cutting ties with the foundation in the latest fallout from the former cyclist’s doping scandal.

9-year-old scolds McDonald's CEO

ABC News: McDonald's CEO Don Thompson responded to a 9-year-old girl who accused him of trying to "trick kids into eating food that isn't good for them."