From the Wires

Toronto mayor rants in newly released video

Toronto Star: The mayor of Canada’s biggest city, Rob Ford, who is already accused of smoking crack, was captured on video stumbling about someone's living room ranting.

FDA to ban trans fats from processed foods

Chicago Tribune: The Food and Drug Administration is trying to eliminate artificially created trans fats that are linked to heart disease from all processed foods.

Illinois to become 15th state to legalize gay marriage

New York Times: The Illinois House of Representatives voted to allow same-sex couples to wed.

Blockbuster closing all remaining stores

Huffington Post: Blockbuster plans to close all of its remaining stores, as well as its by-mail movie distribution by early 2014.

Portland, Maine approves recreational marijuana

AP: Voters in Portland, Maine voted to legalize possession of marijuana for recreational use.

India launches spacecraft to Mars

BBC: India successfully launched a spacecraft to Mars, with the aim of becoming the fourth space agency to reach the planet.

Kraft removing yellow dye from mac and cheese

ABC: Kraft announced plans to pull the yellow coloring from at least three of its kid-friendly mac and cheese types.

Election Day contests to watch

NBC: Off-year elections happen across the country today. See which high-profile contests to watch:

Herbal supplements little more than powdered rice and weeds

New York Times: DNA tests show that many unproven herbal supplements are not what they claimed to be, often diluted or replaced entirely by cheap fillers like soy or wheat.

Nazi-looted modern art found in Munich

Reuters: Works by Picasso, Matisse and Chagall, has been discovered in a Munich apartment among stacks of rotting groceries, German magazine Focus reported.

Rock-paper-scissors robot wins every time

BBC: A robot developed by Japanese scientists is so fast it can win the rock-paper-scissors game against a human every single time.

China manufacturing surges

BBC: China's manufacturing activity grew at its fastest pace in 18 months in October.

Food stamp cuts affect millions

CNN: Food stamp benefits will be trimmed by $5 billion starting Friday.