From the Wires

Study: Excessive TV may be linked to early death

Forbes: A study from the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that the more TV a person watches, the more likely he or she will die an early death.

Report: College degree still a solid investment

CNN: A new report by Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists found the rate of return for a bachelor's degree has hovered around 14% to 15% since 2000.

Apple to begin production of large iPhones

Bloomberg: Next month Apple Inc. suppliers in China will begin mass production of two large iPhone models, one with a 4.7-inch display and a 5.5-inch version.

WalMart edits New York Times op-ed

BBC: Wal-Mart vice president for communications David Tovar responds to critical NYTimes editorial with an edited version of story.

How Clinton flubbed the wealth question Clinton, the political heavy hitter, mishandled questions about her personal wealth.

Oracle to purchase Micros Systems for $5.3B

Forbes: The California-based tech company will acquire the computer hardware company for $5.3 billion, or $4.6 billion net of cash.

FIFA World Cup: USA ties with Portugal, 2-2

BBC: The match finished 2-2 as Portugal’s Silvestre Varela scored in the final seconds of the game.

New York set to legalize medical marijuana

Reuters: New York would become the 23rd U.S. state to legalize cannabis for medical purposes.

Americans are buying fewer guns

CNN: Smith & Wesson shares plunged nearly 10%, a result of fewer Americans purchasing rifles.

GM hit with $10B lawsuit

Reuters: The lawsuit says the automaker should compensate millions of car and truck owners for lost resale value.

Chikungunya virus spreads to U.S., Cuba

CNN: Health officials have reported new cases of the debilitating virus in Cuba and the United States.

U.S. plans to create largest marine protected area

BBC: The extended zone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would double the world's fully protected marine reserves.

Alaska to put free pregnancy tests in bar bathrooms

TIME: The University of Alaska-led program hopes to combat the state's high rate of fetal alcohol syndrome.