From the Wires

Pollution linked to irregular heartbeat and lung clotting

BBC: Research suggests that air pollution is linked to an increased risk of developing an irregular heartbeat and blood clots in the lung.

Google announces digital encryption service

Businessweek: Officially named "End-to-End," the Chrome Web browser extension will encrypt one's digital message which will remain encrypted until the intended recipient decodes it.

CDC: One in 5 restaurant employees works with norovirus symptoms

USA Today: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that food handlers cause about 70% of norovirus outbreaks related to contaminated food.

Automakers report strong uptick in May sales

Reuters: Automakers reported higher-than-expected new car sales in the United States in May.

EPA proposal wants CO2 emissions cut by 2030

WSJ: The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a draft rule that seeks to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 30% from existing power plants by 2030.

Is U.S. manufacturing poised for a comeback?

WSJ: The number of factory jobs has risen to more than 12 million in the past four years.

Learning a second language slows brain aging

BBC: A study has found that learning a second language, even in adulthood, has positive effects on the brain.

Dish network to accept bitcoin payments

NYT: Dish customers will be able to make manual payments in Bitcoin beginning in the third quarter.

Study: Nearly 29% of world population is overweight

WSJ: The prevalence of people overweight of obese jumped 27.5% for adults; 47.1% for kids from 1980 to 2013.

Apple to buy Beats for $3B

Reuters: Apple Inc. will acquire Beats for $3 billion.

Study: Cynicism linked to greater dementia risk

CNN: A new study showed that cynical people have a higher likelihood of developing dementia.

CEO pay tops $10M-mark

TIME: Median CEO pay hit a record high of $10.5 million in 2013, an 8.8% rise over 2012.

Study: Diet soda helps weight loss

CNN: A study funded by the American Beverage Association showed that individuals who drank diet soda lost more weight compared to their counterparts who just drank water.