From the Wires

New species discovered in 'lost world'

CNN: Scientists discover lizard, frog species in untrod Australian rainforest.

FDA proposes stricter pet food rules

NBC News: The Food and Drug Administration proposed new standards for pet and other animal food.

Samsung profit jumps 26 percent

BBC: Samsung Electronics has reported a 26% increase in profit in the third quarter driven by strong smartphone sales and a recovery in its memory chip business.

Consumers bypass insurance exchange

Reuters: Americans hitting roadblocks on the new U.S. government-run healthcare website have been contacting insurers directly and enrolling in plans away from the federal marketplace.

Study finds young people suffering more strokes

Sky News: The global rate of stroke among young and middle-aged people has risen significantly according to a new study.

Wikipedia's volunteer workforce shrinking

MIT Technology Review: Wikipedia's volunteer workforce has shrunk by more than a third since 2007.

Genes may predict political inclination

TheAtlantic: Scientific research shows political partisanship transcends economics, environment, and upbringing.

Women better multi-taskers than men

BBC: It's not a myth - women really are better than men at multitasking, at least in certain cases, a study says.

Support for marijuana legalization reaches all-time high

Yahoo: For the first time, a solid majority of American adults supports legalizing marijuana.

Obamacare not costing full time jobs

Reuters: There is little evidence that employers are sacrificing full-time jobs by hiring more part-timers or reducing existing employee hours because of the costs of providing health coverage.

Google Chrome adds parental controls

BBC: Google has introduced controls to its Chrome web browser that allow parents to monitor and control the browsing behavior of their children.

New health plan co-ops already in trouble

The Washington Post: Congress authorized not-for-profit insurance cooperatives under the Affordable Care Act to foster health insurance competition, but has now put their existence in jeopardy with poor funding and onerous rules.

T.S.A. expands security screening

New York Times: The Transportation Security Administration expanded its screening of passengers before they even arrive at the airport. They search government and private databases including car registrations and employment info.