From the Wires

Strokes in U.S. drop two-fold

Bloomberg: The rate of first-time strokes in the United States dropped 24% in the past two decades; accompanying deaths fell 20% per decade.

U.S. retail sales rise modestly

WSJ: Retail sales in the United States rose a seasonally adjusted 0.2% from May, the weakest increase since January.

Microsoft to announce job cuts

Bloomberg: The software maker is planning its biggest round of job cuts in five years.

Citigroup, Justice Department reach $7B deal

NYT: The $7 billion deal will settle a federal investigation into the mortgage securities the bank sold.

Cloud computing increases business agility

Forbes: A new survey says "business agility" has become the primary advantage being delivered by the cloud.

Wells Fargo profits rise

BBC: Profits at the bank rose 3% in Q2—the United State's largest bank benefitted from the improving economy.

National blood drive fighting FDA ban on gay donors

TIME: The National Gay Blood Drive is raising awareness about the 1983 Food and Drug Administration ban prohibiting gay and bisexual men from donating blood—a ban the organization finds outdated.

Boeing sees 4.2% gain in airliner market

Bloomberg: Boeing Co. predicts demand in Asia will push commercial aircraft sales to $5.2 trillion over the next 20 years.

Adults with serious mental illness face 80% unemployment

Washington Post: Only 17.8% of people receiving public mental health services were employed in 2012—down for 23% in 2003.

The difference between PR and advertising

Forbes: Advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media.

Former New Orleans mayor sentenced 10 years in prison

NYT: C. Ray Nagin was sentenced on federal corruption charges.

Gold poised to rise

Bloomberg: Gold gained 9.5% this year amid escalating hostilities in Ukraine and Iraq.

Wal-Mart looking to embrace smaller stores

WSJ: This year Wal-Mart plans to open more smaller grocery and convenience-type stores than supercenters.