From the Wires

Milk costs could rise to $7 gallon

CNN: If the farm bill drags beyond Jan. 1, it could make milk prices soar to $7 a gallon.

Pope attacks capitalism as 'new tyranny'

Reuters: Pope Francis attacked unfettered capitalism as "a new tyranny" and beseeched global leaders to fight poverty and growing inequality.

Modern life turning people off sex

BBC: Money worries and the distractions of social media mean people are having sex less frequently, researchers say.

Morning after pill doesn't work for women over 176 lbs.

Mother Jones: European-made Norlevo, an emergency contraceptive identical to Plan B, is completely ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds, and loses effectiveness at 165 pounds.

'Great Satan' strikes deal with 'Axis of Evil'

Reuters: The agreement will provide limited relief of sanctions on Iran in return for curbs to its nuclear program.

Amazon workers face mental illness risk

BBC: A BBC investigation into a UK-based Amazon warehouse has found conditions that a stress expert said could cause "mental and physical illness".

Dallas holds first JFK memorial

Reuters: United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

In-flight cell phone ban may end

CNN: You might soon be allowed to make cell phone calls while flying, but prepare to pay extra for it.

Senate limits filibusters on nominees

Washington Post: Senate Democrats won an historic vote to eliminate filibusters for most presidential nominations weakening the power of the  Republican minority in an increasingly partisan legislative body.

San Francisco police to wear cameras

SFGate: With the help of a $250,000 federal grant, some San Francisco police officers will begin wearing cameras.

Vancouver B.C. bans doorknobs

Globalpost:Vancouver has banned the humble doorknob, in a move that may set a trend around the world.

Boeing jet lands at wrong airport

BBC: A Boeing 747 Dreamlifter cargo plane will attempt to take off from a minor airport in Kansas after it landed there by mistake.

Portland Timbers are third most valuable Major League Soccer team

Forbes: Major League Soccer is gaining major ground in the U.S.