From the Wires

Cisco Systems Inc. to cut another 6,000 jobs

Reuters: The network equipment maker said it plans to cut another 6,000 workers as it transitions towards a new cycle of high-end switches and routers.

U.S. consumer debt declines for the first time in a year

Bloomberg: Household debt dropped 0.2%, or $18 billion, to $11.63 trillion from January through March 2014.

U.S. retails sales flat in July

WSJ: Retail and food services sales were essentially unchanged last month from June.

CDC: Fewer unmarried women having children

WebMD: Births outside of marriage accounted for 40.6% of all births in the United States in 2013, 7% lower than the peak in 2008.

White House recruits Google engineer to fix websites

NYT: Google's Mikey Dickerson will lead a new government team to identify and fix the government's failing computer systems and websites, like

Robin Williams, beloved actor and comedian, dead at 63

LA Times: Robin Williams was found unresponsive at his home in Tiburon. The Marin County Sheriff's Office said he appeared to have committed suicide.

Kinder Morgan to consolidate empire

Bloomberg: Billionaire Richard Kinder plans to consolidate his pipeline empire to strengthen it for growth as the U.S. shale drilling boom opens up.

Walmart to deliver primary care

Forbes: The retail giant quietly launched a half-dozen primary clinics across South Carolina and Texas; it plans to open six more by January.

U.S. launches first strike again ISIS in Iraq

CBSnews: The U.S. military unleashed one 500-pound laser-guided bomb dropped from American F/A-18 fighter jets on Friday.

IBM reveals chip simulating brain

Popular Mechanics: The chip simulates the human brain in its processes, thus making it far better at certain tasks than traditional microchip designs.

Russia bans food imports from West

BBC: The move is a response to sanctions over the Ukraine.

Ebola 'clear and present' danger

CNN: The CDC raised the activation level of its Emergency Operations Center to Level 1, the highest state of alert.

Murdoch pulls Time Warner deal The industry titan said Fox was pulling its offer because its target refused to come to the bargaining table.