From the Wires

Google aims to warn users of potentially dangerous Web content

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Search engine company will roll out warning signs to combat sites that feature "unwanted software."

Honda set to encourage owners to fix dangerous airbags

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Japanese automaker is launching an "unprecedented" ad campaign urging drivers to fix their potentially dangerous airbags.

Have plans to travel to Europe? The euro could match the dollar in three months

NEWSWEEK: Experts expect 1:1 trade currency exchange to happen within three months.

Watershed case against Uber, Lyft heads to jury trial

FORBES: Case alleges drivers for rideshare companies are employees, not contractors.

A zero-waste grocery store chain grows in France

EAT DRINK BETTER: Day By Day has four stores in France that operate without producing waste.

After testing in Portland, Starbucks will expand mobile ordering service

BLOOMBERG: Starbucks plans to allow mobile ordering in 650 cafes in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Idaho beginning March 17.

Uber vows to hire a million women

THE TELEGRAPH: The global ridesharing company issued a joint statement with UN Women to announce its efforts to "accelerate economic opportunity for women." 

Oregon Democrats look into automatic retirement program

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Lawmakers aim to ensure retirement is a possibility in the current business climate.

Scott Walker signs anti-union bill in Wisconsin

NBC NEWS: Right to Work legislation further limits union presence in Wisconsin.

Websites of small businesses hacked to display ISIS logo

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: After cyberattacks, speculation swirls about whether operatives from terrorist organization were actually behind the hacks.

640,000 Altimas recalled by Nissan

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Faulty latches that could cause hoods to open while the car is in motion blamed.

Sellers of the Snuggie nicked $8M for deceptive marketing

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Federal Trade Commission hit Allstar Marketing for $8 million over misleading cost information.

Obama's veto of Keystone XL pipeline withstands Senate override attempt

ASSOCIATED PRESS: President Barack Obama's first veto showdown with the Senate withstood an override vote Wednesday.