From the Wires

Two winning Mega Millions tickets sold

CNN: Two tickets matched the winning numbers in Tuesday night's $636 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Microsoft will not announce any CEO news until 2014

Microsoft's Board of Directors has been searching for Steve Ballmer's replacement since August 23.

Mulitivitamins are useless

CNN: The journal Annals of Internal Medicine says that using supplements and multivitamins to prevent chronic conditions is a waste of money.

Facebook tops 2013 google searches

BBC: The social networking site beat the search company's own YouTube video service to the top spot.

Mega Millions jackpot could reach $1B

CNN: The Mega Millions jackpot payout could reach $1 billion by Christmas.

FDA questions antibacterial soap

CNN: The Food and Drug Administration announced it was requiring manufacturers of antibacterial soaps to demonstrate that their products are safe for long-term use.

Lloyds of London hires first female CEO

BBC: Following in the footsteps of General Motors, another iconic firm, Lloyds of London, has appointed its first female chief executive.

Kim Jong Un's uncle executed

ABC: Kim Jong Un's uncle Jang Song Thaek, long considered the country's second most powerful figure, was executed.

Hydrogen squeezed from stone

BBC: Scientists from the University of Lyon have discovered a new way to split hydrogen gas from water, using rocks.

Light bulb ban to take effect

CNN: Light bulb manufacturers will cease making traditional 40 and 60-watt light bulbs -- the most popular in the country -- at the start of 2014.

Study finds drugs in our drinking water

New Republic: According to a national study, drugs are found in our water supply in higher amounts than anticipated.

Penney's shrinks top-name brands

Reuters: After two years of declining sales, the department store chain is eliminating or trimming some high-profile brands introduced by former Chief Executive Officer Ron Johnson.

Mandela memorial interpreter defensive

CNN: The sign language interpreter widely ridiculed for his performance at the Nelson Mandela memorial stands by his work.