From the Wires

Panama Canal turns 100

CBS: Today marks the centennial anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal, an engineering marvel that permanently changed world trade.

Cisco Systems Inc. to cut another 6,000 jobs

Reuters: The network equipment maker said it plans to cut another 6,000 workers as it transitions towards a new cycle of high-end switches and routers.

U.S. consumer debt declines for the first time in a year

Bloomberg: Household debt dropped 0.2%, or $18 billion, to $11.63 trillion from January through March 2014.

U.S. retails sales flat in July

WSJ: Retail and food services sales were essentially unchanged last month from June.

CDC: Fewer unmarried women having children

WebMD: Births outside of marriage accounted for 40.6% of all births in the United States in 2013, 7% lower than the peak in 2008.

White House recruits Google engineer to fix websites

NYT: Google's Mikey Dickerson will lead a new government team to identify and fix the government's failing computer systems and websites, like

Robin Williams, beloved actor and comedian, dead at 63

LA Times: Robin Williams was found unresponsive at his home in Tiburon. The Marin County Sheriff's Office said he appeared to have committed suicide.

Kinder Morgan to consolidate empire

Bloomberg: Billionaire Richard Kinder plans to consolidate his pipeline empire to strengthen it for growth as the U.S. shale drilling boom opens up.

Walmart to deliver primary care

Forbes: The retail giant quietly launched a half-dozen primary clinics across South Carolina and Texas; it plans to open six more by January.

U.S. launches first strike again ISIS in Iraq

CBSnews: The U.S. military unleashed one 500-pound laser-guided bomb dropped from American F/A-18 fighter jets on Friday.

IBM reveals chip simulating brain

Popular Mechanics: The chip simulates the human brain in its processes, thus making it far better at certain tasks than traditional microchip designs.

Russia bans food imports from West

BBC: The move is a response to sanctions over the Ukraine.

Ebola 'clear and present' danger

CNN: The CDC raised the activation level of its Emergency Operations Center to Level 1, the highest state of alert.