From the Wires

Nike hires Coke executive for CIO position

OREGONLIVE.COM: Jim Scholefield will be Nike's next chief information officer.

Apple readies to sell Watch in stores

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Soon enough, you'll be able to buy an Apple Watch in an Apple Store.

Subway to drop artificial ingredients

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Replacing artificial ingredients is the new trend in chain-restaurants and Subway wants in.

How soon until Oregon sets a carbon tax?

STATESMAN JOURNAL: After committing to the environment in the mid-2000s, momentum is building for a carbon tax.

FBI utilizes low-flying planes for surveillance

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Low-flying planes above American cities were operated by the FBI under the guise of shell companies.

Frenchman wants food waste banned worldwide

OREGONLIVE.COM: A law that prohibits large grocery stores from throwing out unsold food has passed in France and the politician behind it wants it to become a worldwide movement.

Tesla co-founder wants to electrify trucks

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Ian Wright wants to revolutionize truck manufacturing.

Elderly increasingly falling into debt

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Older people in America are struggling with housing debt at an increasing pace.

Three earthquakes strike off coast

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Officials say no tsunamis will be triggered by the trio of earthquakes that hit off the Oregon Coast.

Women CEOs make more, are fewer

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Although there are fewer of them, female chief executives are outpacing their male counterparts. 

Report says Intel, Altera deal near

BLOOMBERG: A deal once believed to be off the table, is now believe to be done for about $15 billion.

DEQ fines Tillamook creamery

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Wastewater management at the center of a $56,500 fine.

Pranksters discover iPhone text glitch that shuts down your phone

MASHABLE: Using unicode, the message shuts down iPhones.