From the Wires

Amazon to sell diapers to Prime members

TIME: The online-shopping giant is trying its hand at baby products available exclusively to members of its subscription service.

Study suggests killing wolves produces more livestock attacks

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A Washington State University study found that with each wolf killed, there was a 5 percent uptick in attacks on cattle and sheep.

North Korea a suspect in Sony hack

BLOOMBERG: A devastatingly thorough cyberattack on the media giant is leaving experts wondering who is responsible.

Chocolate-maker to phase out corn syrup

DAILY MAIL: Hershey's currently uses a sugar and high-fructose corn syrup mix, but would like to replace or remove the unpopular-with-consumers artificial sweetener.

U.S. jobs market bucks global trend by steadily increasing in November

REUTERS: While employment numbers are on the up and up, the average level of compensation continues to drop.

European banks expect rough times ahead

BLOOMBERG: Several large banks lack the capital to avoid similar financial strife as was the case in 2008.

Amazon says it will use 15k robots to help during holidays

CS MONITOR: The move is expected to help with efficiency during the franticly busy buying season. 

Intel hardware to be a part of Google Glass

WSJ: Google is reportedly picking the Silicon Forest company's microprocessors to power the wearable gadget.

SCOTUS mulls whether Facebook threats are protected by First Amendment

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Court will determine whether angry online rants are free speech.

Ferguson bakery saved by crowdfunding

CNNMoney: An entrepreneur's business was trashed in the wake of the announcement that Darren Wilson would not be indicted. But a page has helped her salvage her bakery.

Obamacare yields more than 1M applicants in first week of open enrollment

CNBC: Officials call the first week a "solid start" while stressing they have a "lot of work to do" before deadline in February.

Price of already-built homes in Seattle area drops

SEATTLE TIMES: The housing market in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties fell 0.2 percent in September.

Apple hits record-high value

BLOOMBERG: The maker of the iPhone was valued at $700 billion after shares rose 0.8 percent to $119.59.