From the Wires

RadioShack's struggles continue

BLOOMBERG: The electronic store chain posted its 11th-straight quarterly loss, which was even worse than projections.

Unemployment claims continue to drop

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The number trends indicate strong job security ahead of the holidays.

Costco's profits surge

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The warehouse club giant's shares hit record highs Wednesday morning.

California sues Uber over driver background check claims

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Los Angeles' district attorney alleges company "continues to misrepresent and exaggerate background checks on drivers."

Amazon adding 'Make An Offer' option

USA TODAY: The giant cyberstore is opening up some products for haggling.

Embattled Abercrombie & Fitch CEO retires amid company struggles

FORBES: Shares increased 6.8 percent in the wake of the announcement that Mike Jeffries is stepping down.

McDonald's sales continue to drop

REUTERS: The fast-food giant now finds itself in a dubious six-month streak of declines.

Washington D.C. Council passes bill limiting pot-testing employers

Prospective employees would not have to submit a drug test until after receiving a job offer under the legislation.

Starbucks CEO aims to create a 'Willy Wonka of coffee' experience

CNN: Opening this weekend in Seattle, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room will be "beyond any coffee experience, or retail experience, anywhere in the world," Howard Schultz told CNN.

Amazon to sell diapers to Prime members

TIME: The online-shopping giant is trying its hand at baby products available exclusively to members of its subscription service.

Study suggests killing wolves produces more livestock attacks

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A Washington State University study found that with each wolf killed, there was a 5 percent uptick in attacks on cattle and sheep.

North Korea a suspect in Sony hack

BLOOMBERG: A devastatingly thorough cyberattack on the media giant is leaving experts wondering who is responsible.

Chocolate-maker to phase out corn syrup

DAILY MAIL: Hershey's currently uses a sugar and high-fructose corn syrup mix, but would like to replace or remove the unpopular-with-consumers artificial sweetener.