From the Wires

European Central Bank announces stimulus measures

REUTERS: The U.S. stock market rallied after hearing the news.

Netflix reports strong fourth quarter

TIME: The media distributing giant enjoyed a 26 percent gain in the end of 2014.

Shazam eclipses $1B valuation mark

TELEGRAPH: Music recognizing app Shazam now valued at more than $1 billion following a $30 million funding round.

Elon Musk project, SpaceX, to be backed by Google

BLOOMBERG: The search-engine giant wants to spend $1 billion to explore new ways of increasing Internet access.

SCOTUS declines hearing debit-card fee case

BLOOMBERG: Retailers' bid to overturn a regulation they say unfairly hurts them was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Oxfam: Top 1 percent to have more wealth than rest of the world combined next year

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The world's richest people saw their percentage of the global wealth jump to 48 percent in 2014.

Officials report 50,000 gallons of oil spilled in Yellowstone River

FOX BUSINESS: A breach to a pipeline is suspected as the cause.

Rule change allows for American exports to Cuba

USA TODAY: Business leaders surprised by how lenient shipment rules that go into effect today are.

Swiss eschewing currency cap could hurt euro

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK: The struggles of the currency of the European Union could compound by the Swiss' decision.

Price of oil settles at less than $50 per barrel

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Oil prices continued to trend downward on Thursday.

Taxpayer advocate: Don't turn to IRS for help

TIME: Report states the IRS is offering the least amount of customer service it has since 2001.

Obama aims to increase spending in budget proposal

BLOOMBERG: The president's budget requests should cause a fight with the now Republican-led Congress.

US retail sales lower than expected

BLOOMBERG: Expectations for the economy were tempered by underwhelming December numbers for purchases.