From the Wires

Monsanto: Quarterly profit down 34 percent

CNBC: The agriculture giant's fall was not as sharp as some analysts predicted.

Strength of dollar could hurt US companies in global economy

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: American manufacturers hurt in export market by strong currency.

Dish Network targets millennials with low-cost TV package

NEW YORK TIMES: For $20 a month, consumers can use a web-based TV service called Sling TV that includes ESPN and other cable networks.

Microsoft releases diversity stats before the New Year

PUGET SOUND BUSINESS JOURNAL: CEO Sataya Nadella told Jesse Jackson in December that he planned to reveal the company's Equal Employment Opportunity data.

Colorado universities ask feds to ease pot-growing restrictions

THE DENVER POST: The state attorney general requested permission for Colorado's institutions of higher learning to experiment with the substance.

Keurig recalls more than 7M units due to burn risk

NPR: The single-serve coffee makers can spurt hot water and burn consumers, the company warned.

US economy grows in third quarter at fastest rate since 2003

NEW YORK TIMES: Strong consumer and business spending spurred the growth.

Number of auto recalls in 2014 breaks record

BLOOMBERG: For the first time, more than 60 million cars have been recalled this year.

Sony says release of controversial film still possible

BLOOMBERG: The studio's CEO said that "The Interview" could be available through video on demand or streaming services.

Debate surrounding Washington-Oregon I5 span heats up

BLOOMBERG: Washington legislators turned down $1.25 billion in federal money, creating a tenuous future for a bridge regarded as one of the country's deadliest.

Watchdog group takes issue with timber company's 'green' label

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Plum Creek Timberlands' "green lumber" certification is being criticized by the Center for Sustainable Economy's, a group based in Lake Oswego.

Labor dispute at the ports slowing Christmas deliveries

BLOOMBERG: FedEx said the labor negotiations are complicating its holiday-rush process.

Fed stresses 'patience' regarding interest rate

BLOOMBERG: The Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen cleared up confusion with her statements on Wednesday.