From the Wires

Target ditches gender-specific labeling

USA TODAY: Products made for children will no longer be marked for specific genders.

McDonald's will close 59 restaurants

BLOOMBERG: Slumping sales have led the fast food giant to shutter 59 locations this year.

Google reorganizes with new parent company, Alphabet

BLOOMBERG: The restructuring will make search engine, research and development wings into separate companies.

Twitter, NFL hope partnership is mutually beneficial

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Struggling social media company Twitter is hoping a partnership with the National Football League will create a much-needed source of revenue.

Company with $70k minimum wage deals with backlash

NEW YORK TIMES: Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price is scrambling to deal with the unintended consequences of his decision.

Phones from Verizon to become costly for consumers

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The largest wireless provider in America will charge full retail price for smartphones.

Eugene Airport employs goats

REGISTER-GUARD: Goats will help with landscaping at the Eugene Airport.

DIY brewery launching in Bend

BEND BULLETIN: Immersion Brewing will allow Bendites to make and enjoy their own beer.

Could Eleanor Roosevelt be the new face of the $10 bill?

OREGONLIVE.COM: Results are in on who should be the new face of America's least-circulated currency.

Oregon Democrats steadfast in support of Planned Parenthood

PORTLAND TRIBUNE: Despite controversy, Oregon's top Democrats pledged support for women's-health organization.

Man sues housing company over pitbull policy

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A Milwaukie man was told he couldn't keep his pitbull, but then noticed the policy was not applied to everyone.

Toxic algae bloom worse than expected

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The toxic algae bloom off the Pacific Coast spans from California to Alaska.

Study supports Uber's drunk-driving claims

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Ridesharing companies have touted the effect they'll have on drunken driving and a new report backs up those claims.