From the Wires

California gas prices spike

UNION-TRIBUNE SAN DIEGO: Fuel costs rose 42 cents in just a week, marking the biggest price hike in state history.

SeaWorld aims to alter marketing strategy

MASHABLE: Dismal attendance numbers are forcing the tourist attraction to change its course.

Herbalife stock falls after forecast cut

BLOOMBERG: Allegations of a pyramid scheme are hurting the company, which saw its stock drop 53 percent over the last 12 months.

Target reports $2.6B loss in 4Q after closing Canadian holdings

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Target wary of first quarter earnings after posting fourth quarter loss.

Jury: Apple must pay $529.9M to settle patent case

BLOOMBERG: Smartflash LLC claimed the tech giant infringed on a trio of patents.

Study finds many retire earlier than they expected

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Research institute finds that just under half of retirees stopped working earlier than they planned.

Rhetoric heats up ahead of net-neutrality vote

USA TODAY: The Federal Communication Commission's vote on Internet regulations is expected Thursday.

Google readies to fight Apple Pay

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Search engine giant is teaming up with a trio of wireless carriers to explore mobile wallet options.

DIY Girl Scout cookies could be on the way

FOX NEWS: Pennsylvania toymaker wants to make it possible for you to make your own Girl Scout cookies yearround.

Effects of the recession lingering for millennials

BLOOMBERG: While much of the country is emerging from the effects of the recession, younger workers may never fully recover.

Bill O'Reilly finds himself with his own problems from war claims

BLOOMBERG: A New York Times reporter is contradicting what the most-watched cable newsman had said about his time reporting in the Middle East.

Time Warner apologizes for changing woman's name to slur on letter

DAILY MAIL: A good general rule is to not do what Time Warner Cable did when asking a departing customer to reconsider a request she never made.

Warren Buffett targets motorcycle market

CNNMONEY: Berkshire Hathaway announced Friday its purchase of motorcycle gear company Devlet Louis Motorrad.