From the Wires

A zero-waste grocery store chain grows in France

EAT DRINK BETTER: Day By Day has four stores in France that operate without producing waste.

After testing in Portland, Starbucks will expand mobile ordering service

BLOOMBERG: Starbucks plans to allow mobile ordering in 650 cafes in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Idaho beginning March 17.

Uber vows to hire a million women

THE TELEGRAPH: The global ridesharing company issued a joint statement with UN Women to announce its efforts to "accelerate economic opportunity for women." 

Oregon Democrats look into automatic retirement program

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Lawmakers aim to ensure retirement is a possibility in the current business climate.

Scott Walker signs anti-union bill in Wisconsin

NBC NEWS: Right to Work legislation further limits union presence in Wisconsin.

Websites of small businesses hacked to display ISIS logo

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: After cyberattacks, speculation swirls about whether operatives from terrorist organization were actually behind the hacks.

640,000 Altimas recalled by Nissan

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Faulty latches that could cause hoods to open while the car is in motion blamed.

Sellers of the Snuggie nicked $8M for deceptive marketing

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Federal Trade Commission hit Allstar Marketing for $8 million over misleading cost information.

Obama's veto of Keystone XL pipeline withstands Senate override attempt

ASSOCIATED PRESS: President Barack Obama's first veto showdown with the Senate withstood an override vote Wednesday.

Production of larger iPad delayed

BLOOMBERG: Apple has delayed manufacturing a newer, bigger version of the iPad because of supply issues.

McDonalds pledges to stop selling chicken raised with antibiotics

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The giant food company said it would stop selling chicken that could make humans vulnerable to a "super bug."

Uber invests in mapping software, setting up contention with Google

WIRED: The ridesharing app acquired deCarta, allowing Uber to loosen its reliance on Google and Apple maps software.

Bill Gates leads Forbes' richest people list

REUTERS: The Microsoft co-founder has topped the list 16 of the last 21 years.