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Apple augments record quarter by shorting memory

MARKET WATCH: The gadget giant announced Tuesday that it sold 74.5 million iPhones in the final quarter of 2014.

Microsoft, Caterpillar woes lead Dow decrease

BLOOMBERG: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell after questions were raised about the long-term viability of the economy.

US consumer confidence continues to rise

BLOOMBERG: The Conference Board's index hit its highest level since August 2007 in January.

Radical party's election win in Greece creates shockwaves

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Creditor nations suggest the move doesn't necessarily mean the struggling economy will eschew the euro.

Flights canceled en masse as east coast preps for blizzard

ABC NEWS: Flights out of Portland International Airport were negligibly affected.

West Coast port talks resume after rallies

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Negotiators took Thursday off as dockworkers held a demonstration against their employers.

Consumers pine for better battery life

ASSOCIATED PRESS: As cell phone use soars, battery life has been plummeting.

Gates Foundation aims to gradually improve world for the poor

USA TODAY: Bill and Melinda Gates says the plight of poor people will be improved by 2030.

European Central Bank announces stimulus measures

REUTERS: The U.S. stock market rallied after hearing the news.

Netflix reports strong fourth quarter

TIME: The media distributing giant enjoyed a 26 percent gain in the end of 2014.

Shazam eclipses $1B valuation mark

TELEGRAPH: Music recognizing app Shazam now valued at more than $1 billion following a $30 million funding round.

Elon Musk project, SpaceX, to be backed by Google

BLOOMBERG: The search-engine giant wants to spend $1 billion to explore new ways of increasing Internet access.

SCOTUS declines hearing debit-card fee case

BLOOMBERG: Retailers' bid to overturn a regulation they say unfairly hurts them was rejected by the Supreme Court.