From the Wires

Student loan debtors face default in repayment strike

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Students in debt from attending for-profit universities are protesting by refusing to repay their student loans.

Jay Z unveils streaming music service

NEW YORK TIMES: Jay Z is aiming to more fairly compensate musicians in the age of streaming music by launching his own service called Tidal.

Volvo plans $500M car factory in US

BLOOMBERG: In an effort to revive sales in the US, Volvo Car Group plans to build a $500 million factory.

Oil crash starting to hurt in Texas

BLOOMBERG: General business activity index declines far worse than expectations in March.

Swiss bankers guilty of tax fraud avoid jail

ASSOCIATED PRESS: In return for their cooperation, the two former Swiss bankers will get probation for their roles in a tax fraud scheme that withheld billions in potential government revenue.

US grants Texan rhino hunter permit to bring back trophy

BBC: A Texas man who won an auction to shoot a black rhino — an endangered species — will be allowed to bring back his trophy if he kills one, the US Fish and Wildlife decided.

Norwegian Air tweaks cockpit rules after Germanwings crash

REUTERS: After French prosecutors accuse copilot of locking pilot out of cockpit and then intentionally crashing plane, Norwegian Air is requiring two pilots to be at the controls at all time.

Federal Consumer Agency addresses payday loans

TIME: New regulations would require companies to check if debtors can afford to pay back loans.

Slave-caught seafood sold in America

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Investigation finds slaves used in some seafood sold in American supermarkets and pet stores.

Heinz, Kraft merge

USA TODAY: Kraft and Heinz are forming the fifth-largest food corporation in the world.

West Coast lawmakers want earthquake warning funding

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Group sends a letter to the House Appropriations Committee requesting $16.1 million for demonstration system.

Online network plans to charge subscribers for early access to popular YouTube videos

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Vessel will charge users $2.99 a month to see videos from YouTube stars before the public consumes them for free.

Wyoming — not Florida — is the best state in which to retire

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: A personal finance site says Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Idaho are the best states in which to retire.