From the Wires

HBO Now allows streaming for all

OREGONLIVE.COM: In time for Sunday's Game of Thrones season premier, HBO's streaming service launched Tuesday.

Airbnb targets vacation firms in LA

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Vacation-rental firms say they have been cut off by Airbnb in Los Angeles.

Oil train cars need to be updated

ASSOCIATED PRESS: US officials said tank cars carrying oil need to be replaced or retrofitted to stem the trend of fiery accidents on the tracks.

Apple taps Samsung to develop next iPhone chip

BLOOMSDAY: Samsung will make the main chip to the next iPhone.

Dollar falls after disappointing jobs report

REUTERS: The dollar weakened on a disappointing jobs report, but stocks rose Friday.

Hiring in US drops steeply

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Just 126,000 jobs were added in March.

Airbnb letting American customers book in Cuba

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Americans traveling to Cuba can now book their accommodations through Airbnb.

California mandates water restrictions for first time ever

USA TODAY: Gov. Jerry Brown took steps to dealing with his state's drought issues by limiting the amount of water used for highway medians and golf courses.

Could Gov. Walker's allergy to dogs hurt him in the presidential race?

NEW YORK TIMES: Showing an affinity for dogs usually plays well to the public, which could serve as a minor problem for Republican hopeful Scott Walker, who is allergic.

Shoe factory workers in Vietnam strike

BLOOMBERG: Company that makes Nike and Adidas shoes has factory strike over change in pension rules.

Bankruptcy court approves sale of RadioShack to Standard General

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Sale could save about 7,500 jobs.

Student loan debtors face default in repayment strike

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Students in debt from attending for-profit universities are protesting by refusing to repay their student loans.

Jay Z unveils streaming music service

NEW YORK TIMES: Jay Z is aiming to more fairly compensate musicians in the age of streaming music by launching his own service called Tidal.