From the Wires

Rhetoric heats up ahead of net-neutrality vote

USA TODAY: The Federal Communication Commission's vote on Internet regulations is expected Thursday.

Google readies to fight Apple Pay

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Search engine giant is teaming up with a trio of wireless carriers to explore mobile wallet options.

DIY Girl Scout cookies could be on the way

FOX NEWS: Pennsylvania toymaker wants to make it possible for you to make your own Girl Scout cookies yearround.

Effects of the recession lingering for millennials

BLOOMBERG: While much of the country is emerging from the effects of the recession, younger workers may never fully recover.

Bill O'Reilly finds himself with his own problems from war claims

BLOOMBERG: A New York Times reporter is contradicting what the most-watched cable newsman had said about his time reporting in the Middle East.

Time Warner apologizes for changing woman's name to slur on letter

DAILY MAIL: A good general rule is to not do what Time Warner Cable did when asking a departing customer to reconsider a request she never made.

Warren Buffett targets motorcycle market

CNNMONEY: Berkshire Hathaway announced Friday its purchase of motorcycle gear company Devlet Louis Motorrad.

Adidas launches search for new CEO; Under Armour strikes deal with Ali

BLOOMBERG: Sneaker company's board begins its hunt for a successor to Herbert Hainer.

Feds: Wal-Mart biased against lesbians

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in favor of Jacqueline Cote for being "treated differently and denied benefits because of sex."

Americans pocketing gas savings instead of bolstering economy

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Five-year-low gas prices have not pumped up the economy the way some analysts predicted.

Is the Northwest skipping winter this year?

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Mild temperatures have been the norm in the Northwest, while the Northeast is pounded by a winter storm.

Krispy Kreme apologizes for 'KKK Wednesday' event

USA TODAY: Store in UK advertised an event for members of the "Krispy Kreme Klub," which a company spokesman said was unintentional.

GM ignition death toll increases to 56

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg's number continues to rise to the dismay of the car company.