From the Wires

Obama's veto of Keystone XL pipeline withstands Senate override attempt

ASSOCIATED PRESS: President Barack Obama's first veto showdown with the Senate withstood an override vote Wednesday.

Production of larger iPad delayed

BLOOMBERG: Apple has delayed manufacturing a newer, bigger version of the iPad because of supply issues.

McDonalds pledges to stop selling chicken raised with antibiotics

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The giant food company said it would stop selling chicken that could make humans vulnerable to a "super bug."

Uber invests in mapping software, setting up contention with Google

WIRED: The ridesharing app acquired deCarta, allowing Uber to loosen its reliance on Google and Apple maps software.

Bill Gates leads Forbes' richest people list

REUTERS: The Microsoft co-founder has topped the list 16 of the last 21 years.

Oil continues to gain on supply risks

BLOOMBERG: The price of Brent crude advanced climbed to 3.8 percent at times.

With AmEx out, Costco turns to Visa, Citi

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Citigroup Inc. will be the exclusive provider of Costco credit cards and Visa will process all credit-card transactions made at the wholesale retailer.

California gas prices spike

UNION-TRIBUNE SAN DIEGO: Fuel costs rose 42 cents in just a week, marking the biggest price hike in state history.

SeaWorld aims to alter marketing strategy

MASHABLE: Dismal attendance numbers are forcing the tourist attraction to change its course.

Herbalife stock falls after forecast cut

BLOOMBERG: Allegations of a pyramid scheme are hurting the company, which saw its stock drop 53 percent over the last 12 months.

Target reports $2.6B loss in 4Q after closing Canadian holdings

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Target wary of first quarter earnings after posting fourth quarter loss.

Jury: Apple must pay $529.9M to settle patent case

BLOOMBERG: Smartflash LLC claimed the tech giant infringed on a trio of patents.

Study finds many retire earlier than they expected

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Research institute finds that just under half of retirees stopped working earlier than they planned.