From the Wires

Interactive fitting rooms aim to be a boon for retail sales

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A "smart" mirror aims to drive sales by suggesting to consumers a matching pair of pants to the shirt they're trying on.

Apple, WWF hatch plan to manage China forests

BLOOMBERG: As a part of the company's environmental initiatives, Apple will work with the World Wildlife Fund to manage forests in China.

Realtors turning to FaceTime

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: In hot housing markets, realtors are using FaceTime as an effective tool to show homes.

Americans forfeiting citizenship at record pace

BLOOMBERG: Americans living abroad recently set the record for giving up citizenship.

Jobless rate continues to drop

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Employers in America added 223,000 jobs in April.

Whole Foods targets millennials

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Whole Foods plans on opening a new chain of stores geared toward younger shoppers.

Intel CEO: Diversity push more difficult than rocket science

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich gave a speech about the difficulties of diversifying the tech industry while unveiling new programs.

Daimler launches self-driving semi truck in Nevada

ASSOCIATED PRESS: A rig that Daimler Trucks is calling "Inspiration" the first self-driving semi-truck to hit the roads.

Comcast aims to fix reputation by hiring customer service reps

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Comcast will hire thousands in an attempt to bolster customer service.

Airline earnings are in the bag

ASSOCIATED PRESS: U.S. airline companies are making billions from bag and reservation-change charges.

Trade deficit reaches six-year high

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Cars and cellphones were the driving force behind the American trade deficit ballooning to $51.4 billion.

Comcast reaching tipping point in Internet subscribers

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Number of Internet subscribers now outranks cable television subscribers.

SurveyMonkey CEO dies

BLOOMBERG: David Goldberg unexpectedly passed away Friday at 47.