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Immunization rates to be available to parents

BEND BULLETIN: Lawmakers hope peer pressure drops rate of unvaccinated children.

CEO who pledged $70K minimum wage sued by brother

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Seattle CEO who made news by raising his company's minimum wage to $70,000 a year is being sued by his brother.

Toshiba executives resign over $1.2B accounting fraud

BLOOMBERG: Nine executives, including the CEO, stepped down Tuesday after it was discovered the company fraudulently inflated profits.

Elusive snow leopard captured in photos

Few land animals are as adept at camouflage as the rare snow leopard, captured here in stunning footage.

Cuba raises flag in Washington D.C.

BBC: Cuba and the US have formally restored diplomatic relations.

McCain admonishes Trump

CNN:  Senator tells new presidential candidate he should apologize to families of POWs.

Reddit in line for major changes

CNET: The new CEO is cracking down on the type of posts published on the popular social news site.

No terror link in U.S. shooting

BBC: A gunman who killed four marines in a shooting spree in Tennessee had no known links to international terrorism.

Eurozone backs bridge loan to Greece

BBC: The 7 Billion Euro loan is expected to be confirmed on Friday by all EU member states.

Pluto images boggle the mind

CNN: New spacecraft images reveal planet is covered with wide smooth areas, lumpy terrain and enormous mountains.

Nike fined by French court

OREGONLIVE.COM: Nike was fined for draping a jersey over a Winston Churchill statue after the French men's national basketball team qualified for the European Championships in 2011.

June retail sales decrease

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Americans spent less in June than expected.

Starbucks wants to give jobs to young people

NEW YORK TIMES: Companies pledge to end rampant unemployment rates among young people.