From the Wires

Portland fireworks hotline overloaded by call volume

THE OREGONIAN: The hotline set up to report illegal fireworks received 7,276 calls from July 1 through July 5.

Rolling Stone magazine sued by UVA frat brothers

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Three University of Virginia frat members have sued Rolling Stone magazine over a flawed story that alleged gang rape.

'Kayaktivists' hang from St. Johns Bridge to protest Shell Oil ship

OREGONLIVE.COM: A group of 13 Greenpeace members have suspended themselves from a bridge.

Legal pot sales to start Oct. 1 in Oregon

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Tuesday to allow recreational marijuana to be sold from medical dispensaries.

Best Buy will sell Apple Watch, is hoping it boosts sales

BLOOMBERG: Apple Watches will be available from struggling retailer Best Buy next month.

Biologist estimates 80% of sockeye population could die due to hot water

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The drought combined with record-high temperatures are proving to be a deadly combination for sockeye salmon in the Columbia River.

Fiat Chrysler must offer to buy back 500K Dodge Ram trucks

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Company must offer to buy back the trucks as a part of a settlement over recalls.

Portland kayakers protest ship owned by Shell Oil Company

OREGONLIVE.COM: Ship docked at Swan Island is the site of environmental demonstration.

Amazon earns $92M in profit

SEATTLE TIMES: Amazon surpassed analysts' 2nd-quarter projects with a $92 million profit, when many believed the company would log losses.

Under Armour bests Q2 earnings expectations

BLOOMBERG: Under Armour rode strong shoe sales past analysts' forecasts.

More than a hundred passengers forced to stay overnight at PDX

OREGONLIVE.COM: Passengers en route to Germany were forced to camp at Portland International Airport for a full day.

Immunization rates to be available to parents

BEND BULLETIN: Lawmakers hope peer pressure drops rate of unvaccinated children.

CEO who pledged $70K minimum wage sued by brother

ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Seattle CEO who made news by raising his company's minimum wage to $70,000 a year is being sued by his brother.