Flu spreads to all 50 states

Flu spreads to all 50 states

NBC News: The flu is everywhere, with influenza reported in all 50 states, but overall it seems to be leveling off, federal health officials reported on Friday.

Nonetheless, this flu season is a tough one, hitting people over 65 the hardest but also putting many young adults and children into the hospital. So far, 37 children have died of flu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Half of the people hospitalized for flu were 65 and older.

The CDC also reports the first case of a flu virus that resists the effects of the most commonly used flu drug, Tamiflu. Flu viruses have already evolved to resist the effects of the two oldest flu drugs, amantadine amd rimantadine.

“Influenza activity remains elevated in most of the country. Like last week, some national indicators are declining while others are increasing,” the CDC said in a statement.

“Nationally influenza-like-illness seems to be leveling off, however some parts of the country are continuing to show increases.” Flu is spreading more in the southwest and northwest, but on the decline elsewhere.

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