Mozilla CEO resigns

Mozilla CEO resigns

Business Insider: Brendan Eich is resigning as CEO and is leaving the board of Mozilla.

He had been under fire for supporting anti-gay marriage legislation in California in 2008.

Eich's problems at Mozilla might have been bigger than just his support for anti-gay marriage legislation.

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+2 #1 Double Standards and Corporate FascismGuest 2014-04-05 00:30:33
Gee Mr Eich was forced out for sending money to an organization that supports traditional marriage at the same time as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and millions of other Californians also claimed they supported traditional marriage.

But never mind, we have a double standard for those who will not follow the decree that anyone including billions of Christians, Muslims, and Jews as well as millions of people of no particular faith tradition. who don't kowtow to the gay activists demands to redefine marriage, must be purged from polite society. This is a near quote from Gay Activist Andrew Sullivan so don't claim it's some right wing nuttery.

All the while Mozilla waxes long about how they honor diversity (unless you don't agree with gay activists) and honor free speech (unless you don't honor gay activists) they clearly want a rigid ideology that checks all of the proper Leftist boxes.

Really sad and frankly scary. Is this America?
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