Yelp says quarter of reviews are fake

Yelp says quarter of reviews are fake

BBC: The online directory and consumer review site, says a quarter of the reviews it receives could be fake.

Its automated review filter now "suppresses around 25%" of "suspicious" reviews it receives, the company said.


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0 #1 Don't believe YelpGuest 2013-09-27 23:39:52
Yelp is a blackmailing terrorist organization. It claims that its filter algorithm is perfectly accurate in eliminating positive reviews from a business's profile. Bull puckey.
Ye;p's filter system is 100% effective at removing positive reviews unless the business pays for Yelp advertising, at which time those positive reviews miraculously pass the 'filter.' Yelp is the digital age's Better Business Bureau - pay to play, and its ratings and rankings mean nothing but fraud.
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